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How I Want My Hair and Make Up on My Wedding Day

As most of you will know I am planning my wedding and next year is hopefully the year I get to say “I Do”. We are hoping to get married in New York in a very simple but perfect ceremony. If this is the case it will just be the two of us so we will need to be prepared to do everything ourselves. Now for Matthew, this is pretty simple – shave, have a haircut before he leaves and then style his hair before leaving for the venue. For myself, the list of things I need to do is a little bit longer. I plan to have my hair cut and coloured before we travel and then possibly visit a salon on the morning of our big day for them to style it for me, the same goes for my make up but if that isn’t possible here is a list of the things I will be planning (and can do myself) for my big day.

My Perfect Wedding Hair

I have really long, thick hair and it is always up in a ponytail at home. For my wedding day, I’d love to have it straightened and be able to wear it down with a simple tiara. If not like this I would love to wear it in a half up/half down style with my hair in lots of loose curls again this would be finished with a simple tiara.

My Wedding Makeup will consist of the following:


I’m not the best at applying makeup – this has always been the case but as I don’t really like wearing it other than for special occasions I’ve never felt the need to learn anything more than the basics and when I do make the effort I like my make up to look natural. I love the smokey eyed effect so will certainly be looking at how I can perfect them myself. I have the shortest and thinnest eyelashes known to man. Mascara helps to make them look thicker and fuller but I hate how unnatural it makes them look. I will definitely be thinking about wearing false lashes on my big day but I will be ensuring that I find a pair that looks natural when applied.


Again I will be planning something natural looking for my lips, a light shade of lipstick, subtle lipliner and a tiny amount of gloss will be just perfect.


Every bride has to have a scent that reminds them of their big day. For me, it will be between Elie Saab Girl of Now and Marc Jacobs Daisy. They are both my favourite scents at the minute but Daisy has always been a firm favourite and is top of my list. It will always have a special place in my heart. The first time I smelt it was when Matthew and I had gone away on our own for the very first time. I’d won a mini cruise to Amsterdam and we had the best time away. As we both had a child from our previous relationships getting time on our own was a rarity in the early days of our relationship. In fact, it has always been the way as this trip took place in  2011 when we’d already been together 5 years and added an extra two children, a dog and a house move into the mix.

How did you / how will you wear your make up on your big day?


*This is a collaborative post*

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