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Easy Ways to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

I don’t know about your children but mine change their minds about everything they do and don’t like as often as they change their socks. I can’t keep up with anything that they currently like. This was one of the reasons for keeping their bedrooms plain colours when we decorated them. They are in need of redecorating soon but again it will just be a freshen up rather than a massive overhaul. The good thing about keeping the colours reasonably plain is that when we decide to update their rooms we can change things as and when needed relatively easy and keep the costs down too. 

If you’re planning on updating your child’s room there are a few things you could do easily and on a budget. You might consider…

Changing the decor

If time is on your side you could change all of the wallpaper in your child’s room. But if you’re on a time limit a lick of paint would brighten any room up. You could even consider adding a feature wall which would change the whole room. Alternatively throwing in some pops of colour with cushions can work wonders. Get some inspiration by looking online at Simply Cushions NZ.

Add Cushions

Giving your children a place to chill out is important. The older they get the more they need a little of their own time and space. My Three are now at this age and they are starting to spend more and more time in their rooms especially Callum who is fast becoming your typical moody teen and loves nothing better than to be on his Xbox. Space is limited in his bedroom as he is in the smallest room. To combat this problem I would consider looking at buying him a few cushions which he could use to sit on, lie on or prop himself up on his bed so that he would be comfy. I would also consider adding some floor cushions which would be perfect for him and his brothers when they all want to watch tv or play games together.

Change Accessories

Changing items like duvet covers, curtains, rugs and/or lighting can really make all the difference to a child’s room and can be done relatively cheaply. You can get ideas by easily considering what their hobbies are or what they’re interested in.

Change The Room Layout

By moving the bedroom furniture around it’s amazing how much space you can make and how different a room can look. As our rooms are on the small side everything has its place so moving things isn’t an option for us unfortunately but if we did have the room to do this I’d love to dismantle the boy’s bunk beds so that they aren’t attached. 

Are you planning to change your child’s bedroom soon, if so I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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