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Have A Mini Explorer (Without Breaking The Bank)

It’s always good to encourage your child if they have a travel bug. After all, the more places your child visits, the more culturally aware they will become. But while you would love to travel around the world with your kid, funds can make lots of holidays impossible. After all, it can cost a small fortune to take your child on holiday once you have added up the flights, hotel cost, and transportation. But all doesn’t have to be lost. In fact, here are some ways you can have a mini explorer without breaking the bank.

Go visit family in different areas

It doesn’t have to always mean you need to travel abroad if you want to extend your child’s travel horizons. You can visit the various areas in the UK for your child to learn more and explore new places. After all, we have so many different beautiful areas in the country like Cornwall and the Lake District which feel like they are abroad. You can even travel to other places in Wales or Scotland without getting on a plane allowing you to visit new cities like Cardiff or Edinburgh, where they can soak up the culture and new experiences each city has to offer – There are lots of places in Cardiff to visit. You can just cross the border and enter a new area for your kids to explore. And so it doesn’t cost a small fortune, you should stay with family and friends who live across the country!

Let them go on school trips

It’s often hard to take your kid to new places when you have your other children to look after. They might be too young to enjoy going too far currently, so it limits the places you can go with your mini explorer. But it’s not always the case you have to go with your child. A lot of schools do school trips which are located all over the world. And it gives your kid a chance to experience amazing places while they are with their school friends. Also, it can help their learning and boost their studies. In fact, your little one is likely to do better on their exams after going to a place for a school trip. And while it might cost to send them on a school trip, it will save your family having to make the journey to those amazing places! Therefore, you will be technically saving a lot of money by paying for the one family member.

Bring the world to your front door

You can encourage your child to have the travel bug by bringing the world to your front door. After all, it will teach your kid to be more worldly without having to set a foot out of your home. For one thing, you might want to become a host to an exchange student. They will have plenty to teach your youngster about their culture and hometown. And it can help them learn about your way of life at the same time. If you go through an agency, you will often be paid to have the student living with you too. So it’s a great way to earn some money too! Also, letting your kid learn a second language and enjoying different cuisines at home can make them worldly too!

And remember there are always summer camps you can send your kid to around the world. They are bound to have a fantastic time and will definitely come back with stories to tell!

*This is a collaborative post*

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