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Ways Cushions Can Add Comfort To Your Home

When I was little my mum used to have tons of cushions in our living room – I never really knew what the appeal was until I moved into my own home. I have to say that I love a good cushion or three on my side of the settee. I use them to prop up my books, rest my head when I’m reading or watching a tv and if there’s something scary on TV (not that I watch scary stuff often) but they are great to hide behind. I’ve also been known to cuddle them when watching weepy films too.

If you’re looking to add cushions to your home here are some ways you can incorporate them.

In the living room

Winter is almost upon us, for me, it means cosy nights in with my kindle, slippers and the sofa with a couple of cushions and a throw in front of the fire. I tend to read more in the winter months than in the summer (unless I’m on holiday of course and then I can read much more) as there isn’t much to do when the dark nights are here and it’s so cold lets face it who wants to be anywhere other than home unless they need to be. Not only can you keep your cushions on your settee but they make a great seat in a window (a perfect place for reading) and little ones will definitely love to use them to make forts. If you or your children prefer to veg out on the floor why not take a look at Simply Cushions who have a range of floor cushions that would be just perfect and make your lounging around extra comfortable.

In the bedroom

Have you seen the film “Along Came Polly”? It used to be one of my favourite films and I’d be lying if I said that it’s still up there in my top 50 films. If you’ve not seen it there’s a couple of scenes where cushions are the main focus one is where Ben Stiller rips up a mountain of cushions that his ex-girlfriend insisted they move from the bed on a night and then put back on in the morning. Personally, I’m a fan of cushions on my bed and use them for when I’m reading or watching TV before bed. When I’m ready to sleep I simply put it under my bed until the morning then it is placed back on top of my duvet ready for when I need it next.

cushions sat on a bed

In the Garden

In summer I love nothing better than to work outside in the garden when the weather allows. On a weekend we like to have barbecues and most of the time we invite our family and friends but this means we need places for everyone to sit. Last year we bought a  new table and chairs which is absolutely perfect for eating al fresco but  I’d love a rattan furniture set so that relaxing in the garden would be more comfortable. If I do buy a new patio set I will be making sure to look at Simply Cushions as they have some outdoor cushion covers that would finish the furniture set off perfectly.

Do you love having cushions in your home?

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