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Six Ways To Feel Glamourous This Winter

Runny noses, hacking coughs, dry chapped hands and big puffy coats. It can be so difficult to feel glam during the winter months. Most of us don’t even feel the need to shave our legs or underarms one the summer is over! Click here for what you need to know about hair removal. Sure you might have Christmas parties to look forward to and dress up for, but what about everyday life? Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean you should be too!

Read on for some easy glamour tips that will leave you feeling gorgeous inside and out this winter.

Have one piece of clothing that makes you feel good

It could be a super expensive coat, a gorgeous pair of gloves or a long flowing scarf that always gets you compliments if you have something special that makes you feel good then wear it! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion!

Red lipstick

Never underestimate the power of a bold, red lip. You get looks for all the right reasons and you’ll feel like you can take on the world. And it’s such a super simple way to glam up those freezing cold school runs. Not a fan of red lippy? Don’t worry, just head to your nearest store and find a shade that will make you feel bold, confident and a million dollars, no matter what the weather is doing.


If you only save the occasional spritz of your favourite perfume for meals out or special occasions then now is the time to be a little more generous with it. Scent is powerful and has the power to transform you and build your confidence, so be bold with it. Besides, Christmas is coming – if you run out at least you might get a top up!


Sometimes a quick swipe of mascara just won’t cut it. And if your lashes are non-existent, thin or have a nasty habit of clumping together then why not step it up a gear. Find yourself a reputable salon and get yourself some glamourous false lashes. Thick, voluminous lashes look good on everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Go and treat yourself to some flirty, gorgeous lashes before your favourite salon is all booked up for the Festive Period.

Lounge like a princess

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a long soak in a tub to make you feel glamourous. But don’t be stingy with your bath products. You could even go out and buy something new and specific that’s just for you. Whatever you’re using, tip the whole bottle in, light some candles, and fill up a champagne glass with some bubbles. You deserve it.

New undies

You’ll be amazed at how incredible you can feel when you wear something gorgeously lacey and matching and no one else has to know about it! Whether you prefer skimpy and racy or something big and comfy, whatever feels good underneath your clothes, go and get yourself a brand new set.


*This is a collaborative post*

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