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Retro is Back!

Don’t you just love that everything retro is back in full force again? How many of us are excited about being able to bring back those memories of our parents and grandparents and all the wonderful things that were the very latest in fashion, design and technology of those not too distant bygone days? I know many who remember so well the days before we had all the amazing technology that we now have at our fingertips; when, well, let’s face it. Life really was a lot simpler then.

If there was a gathering or party with family or friends to celebrate a special event, invitations were in person, face to face, or by telephone or beautifully crafted and personalised paper invitations – no Facebook or other means of inviting everyone in less than a minute! And we didn’t order pizza or have it catered for, people got together and everyone brought a plate to share because it just wasn’t possible to have it delivered to your door unless you were very wealthy indeed! Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of so many things that I can do or buy simply by getting out my phone, but there was a certain charm to the simpler way of living back then.

Something that always brings back fond memories is gathering at someone’s home and putting on the records to dance to. Those vinyl beauties are hard to beat for the rawness and depth of quality you hear when you play them. I was thinking of this when I visited in search of a gift the other day. I have lots of memories of the different styles of record players and turntables that were part of daily life back then. There were some very large chunky cabinets that took up quite a lot of space and sat proudly as a piece of furniture in the average living room, to smaller, more modern, sleek turntables with separate speaker systems which could be placed more subtly on shelving and table tops.

Now that more and more contemporary bands are releasing vinyl records, your collection can literally include all of your favourite music in the one fabulous vinyl medium stretching across the decades. The demand for vinyl records has seen a very serious comeback in the range of turntables and record players available with styles to suit absolutely any taste. There are great little portable players in funky colours with matching speakers – these are ideal for teens and then there are more sophisticated systems that are sleek and minimalist in appearance for a more classic preference. These very contemporary alternatives include stereo turntable systems which combine traditional record player function with a touch of modern functionality and wireless music streaming.

Add to this a set of powerful and quality stereo speakers and you can easily spend hours sharing the love with your friends. And if you need help deciding on what’s best, Rockit will help you find the best option to suit your budget and needs so you can enjoy those tunes again and again!

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