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The Beauty of Beauty

Feeling good about yourself and recognising the power these feelings of positivity can bring to your life is important. All too often we get caught in the negative. We take something that is natural and a unique part of us and let others perceptions distort it.

Take beauty for instance. Whilst the word itself is associated with good health, wealth, confidence and trust; media perceptions of what beauty is can detract from the good. In fact, the media’s obsession with trying to fix beauty into one mould, means many of us fail to recognise our own unique beauty.

FACT: we are all beautiful. After all, no one looks the same, so how can we place such massive restrictions on it? You can’t.

The reality is, beauty comes from your own opinion and feelings of self-worth. Think of yourself as beautiful and you will be beautiful. Feel confident in your appearance, clothing or body, and it will translate into how others receive you.

And there is a massive benefit to recognising your own true beauty. Take pride in your own appearance and physical attributes, and it will translate into other areas of your life:

1. Self-esteem – it is simple. Feel good about yourself and your self-esteem will naturally grow. For instance, have you ever been out drinking, shopping or at work, and met someone who despite not fitting the norms of conventional beauty, is instantly beautiful because of the way they present themselves? Their confidence and positivity about their looks has enabled them to attain a level of self-worth that is impossible to ignore. And you can do the same!

Instead of focusing on what the media tells you to look like, take a moment to list all of your best features e.g. your silky hair, blemish free skin, your expressive eyes etc. Take these features; focus on them and learn how to highlight them. By enhancing these features, others will see them too and your confidence will soar.

TIP: A fast and easy way to showcase your best features is to learn how to apply make-up. By learning the best techniques for applying foundations, lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner; you can use these skills to ensure that those around you are fully aware of these features too. And learning how to do it is easier than you think. If you need help improving your technique you can find a number of video tutorials on YouTube which can teach you how. Alternatively, if you are really interested in getting it right, you can try enrolling onto an online beauty course. These can be completed from the comfort of your own home – making them perfect if you already work – and include 1-3 day practical workshops where you can test out your new skills.

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2. Confidence – feel proud of your body and appearance, and this sudden boost in confidence will translate into other areas of your life, namely your job and your relationships. Confidence in the workplace is particularly useful as those who are seen as confident, are often also associated with competence, good communication/social skills and as hard workers. Behave this way at work, and your employer will recognise this confidence and will more than likely give you the promotion you crave.

3. Intelligence – whilst there is no direct correlation between beauty and intelligence, improved social skills (that often come as a result of looking good) will encourage others to see you as being more intelligent. Combined with improved confidence and you’ll have no problem negotiating a promotion or a pay rise.

4. Health – you don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful. Instead, accepting yourself and your natural body shape can go a long way to improving your long-term health. For starters, you won’t be setting impossible targets when you hit the gym. But also, by being realistic and tailoring your fitness to suit you, you will witness more positive results in the gym, which in turn will make you more motivated. And this is a good thing, as taking care of your body is seen as a trait of a hard-working person. Similarly, improving your fitness will also help to feed your self-esteem and alter the way you interact with others. Another benefit to trying to improve your health is that exercise increases blood flow and releases endorphins. This increased circulation of oxygen around your body will help to rejuvenate your skin and organs and will produce a healthy, attractive glow that is 100% natural.

5. Success – act more confident and self-assured, and you’ll come across as successful. And this can have a snowball effect on your career because if you are viewed as successful, you will be offered more opportunities to improve your position and rise up the ranks.

6. More desired – remember the example I gave earlier of how your own self-confidence can boost your attractiveness? Well, this feeds into the whole – if you are good looking you are more desired. Now, you don’t have to be a size zero or look like a supermodel to experience this effect. Simply recognise your own unique qualities; believe in your self-worth, and learn how to showcase these features, and this natural confidence will feed into your desirability.

7. Communication – we’ve touched on this one briefly, but to expand on it, beautiful people are seen to have better communication and social skills. Now, this stems from the fact that as everyone views good looking people as better (the ‘halo effect’), they are treated better. It is an endless cycle, as the better, you are treated, the more confident you’ll become, and the more confident you become, the easier you’ll find

it to communicate, socialise and engage with others.

8. Get paid more – remember the assumption that good looking people are more intelligent and competent? This can feed into their work life as their qualifications are seen to be more solid; giving them an advantage when applying for jobs and going for a promotion. You too can achieve this same outcome, by believing in your own beauty and being body confident.

9. Likeable and trustworthy – here the halo effect strikes again, as looking good can boost people’s perceptions of you. In a study by Harvard University, they found simply wearing makeup enhanced a woman’s attractiveness, thus boosting people’s opinions on their competence, likeability and trustworthiness.

The incredible thing about all of these points is that you can control them. By simply recognising your own beauty and self-worth, and taking charge of your makeup/dress style; you too can experience all the positive benefits of beauty. To learn how, check out some video tutorials or enrol onto an online beauty course.


*This is a collaborative post*

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