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How to Rock the Cardigan Comeback and Look Great

At this time of the year, my thoughts always turn to updating my wardrobe. As soon as it feels chilly, I go online or hit the shops and make sure that I am ready for the cold. There is nothing worse than having to do the school run in a summer blouse and thin coat on a cold morning.

It is far better to be prepared. So, I have been out there looking at knitwear and have found a surprising new clothing star, the cardi. I was particularly taken with the Fashion World’s range of cardigans for autumn. Who knew that there were so many different cuts available? I certainly did not. I was pleasantly surprised and realised that they are a great alternative to jumpers.

By far my favourites were the black ones. They really are a versatile addition to any wardrobe, a true classic that can be worn in so many different ways. Here are just a few examples of what I mean.

A lightweight black cardigan

If you want something to pop on as an extra layer a lightweight cardigan is definitely the answer. You will be stunned by how often one of these come in handy. They are great for slipping on under your suit jacket for the morning commute or to wear in a chilly office. Nobody will even realise you are wearing it.

On a chilly day, they make a great extra layer. Just slip it on over your top and wear it buttoned up and put your thick jumper on over it. Plus, of course, they look great worn with jeans or trouser or over the top of a woolly dress.

You can easily fold this type of cardigan up and put it in your bag. So, potentially you can take it anywhere.

A long black boyfriend cardigan

This type of cardigan is really fashionable right now. The last time they were in fashion was the 90s.

Given the fact that, this year, a lot of designers have been inspired by the 1990s, it is not surprising to see these super long v-neck cardigans that feature patch pockets coming back into vogue. They are super warm. The length is just right to enable you to wear one under your parka and take the kids to the park. On warmer days, a black one could make a great alternative to an actual coat.

A glamorous waterfall cardigan

If you want something nice to wear for an evening out, this is a lovely cut. It is worn open and the oversized front panels fall from the shoulder in an attractive cascade. They look good with anything from a dress to a pair of old jeans.

If you treat yourself to just one new item of knitwear for the autumn I strongly suggest you make it a black cardigan. I promise you will not be sorry you bought one and will get plenty of use out of it.

More autumn shopping tips

OK, so now you have sorted out your knitwear all you need to do now is to treat yourself to a few tops and some new jeans. Before you go shopping for your new denim I suggest you take a look at this post. In it, I tell you all about the latest jean trends. Reading it is a great way to narrow down your options before you go shopping.


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