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Seven Tips To Refresh Your Home’s Interior

Maybe your bedroom isn’t as relaxing as you would like it to be, or your living room is just missing that design oomph? Refreshing the space your family lives in can be cheaper and way more exciting than you suspect.

Here are 7 tweaks that will add a new feel to your home’s interior.

1. Try a new paint colour for your walls

Painting walls in a brand new colour is the easiest way to revitalizing any room in your house. Choosing a bold, bright colour will instantly open up and brighten your space. You can choose a darker colour to create a calmer atmosphere.

Another exciting option is the wallpaper. You can use it to accent a wall or change the look of your entire room. Wallpaper comes in many different styles and designs that range from eye-catching geometric shapes to more subtle patterns and colours.

2. Add custom fabrics

Did you know that it’s possible to create fabrics on your own by printing a pattern you like directly onto a woven or jersey fabric? Check out platforms such as Ctnbee.com/en that specialize in custom fabrics which can be used to cover pillows or – leading us to the next point – serve as personalized curtains.

3. Revamp your window treatments

You might not consider curtains or blinds that important, but in fact, they’re crucial when it comes to the atmosphere in your home. Their colour and the way they filter light has a massive impact on the overall design of a room.

Consider adding a new element to your décor: window treatments. They come in many shapes and sizes that are bound to match your room’s design – from minimalistic roller shares to rich, heavy curtains.

4. Give your floors a second chance

Sometimes it’s worth to take a good look at your floors to decide whether they’re as decorative and functional as you would like them to be. Homeowners often choose ceramic tile that looks like wood – they get the beauty of wood combined with tile’s durability. Interior designers often propose to use hardwood flooring throughout the entire space – including the kitchen. Now, replacing your floor completely is a serious endeavour, so if you’d like to take a smaller step and still get amazing results, get some new throw rugs. They help to anchor the room and make it feel warmer, more sophisticated or even playful.

5. Bring in some life

It doesn’t matter what’s the current season in your geographical location – you can always find fantastic seasonal selections of plants and flowers that make rooms much more welcoming. If you’d like to make a statement with your botanical choice, go for a tall interior tree plant such as a Dragon Tree or Ficus. If you buy some potted plants, place them in decorative vases to make your space more cheerful and pleasant.

6. Change your headboard for a new bedroom look

This is one of the easiest ways to refresh bedroom design. Changing the headboard means that you’re either going to paint the existing one in a brand new colour or upholster it with a beautiful fabric. It’s just one element in your bedroom, but it’s bound to make a huge impact on the room’s feel – and your comfort!

7. Add some art

They say a picture says a thousand words. Hang pictures on canvas or create a small framed photo gallery filled with pieces you simply love to look at. You’ll be happy ever time your gaze falls on your favourite pictures adorning your walls.

There’s nothing more exciting than an interior decoration project, especially considering the high availability of novel materials such as custom fabrics UK consumers will surely appreciate when creating their personalized interior designs.


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