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Here are the products Matthew has been enjoyed using over the last couple of months. It’s not very often we are sent products for him but he has been in his element and was like a small child on Christmas Eve when the following products arrived for him to try out.

Philips ADR810 Dash Cam

A must-have device for any motorist that’s perfect for use whilst on a holiday here in the UK, long drives, the daily commute to work and even when on the school run. The Philips ADR810 Dash Cam offers peace of mind when you need it most, with so many cars on the roads you want to ensure that you and your family are protected and should the worst happen you can be sure that you will have the proof as to who is at fault. The gadget is easy to install, simply chose where to place it using the mounting bracket and plugin with the provided cable. It has a sleek modern design so it will fit in with any car’s interior.

I love that the Dash Cam has a wide-angle lens (156 degrees) which allows the Dash Cam to capture more of the road, along with the sharpest details with its 1080p Full HD Camera during the day and an optimised night view for when it’s dark. If the weather is bad or it’s pitch black outside, you can rely on the ADR810 to pick up the details you missed.  It features automatic recording so there’s no need to spend ages setting it up each time you get in the car – simply switch it on and drive. Should your car be involved in a collision, the Dash Cam automatically saves the recording to secure your evidence and prevent it being overridden. It’s an extra level of security that means if you’re driving alone, or have a car full, there’s no argument on what happened. The Dash Cam has an instant replay function so you can quickly clarify responsibility there and then, with date and time stamped proof. This device does the work for you and takes the hassle out of driving so you can carry on and enjoy the drive.

The Philips ADR 810 Dash Cam is super lightweight at only 83 grams, as well as being small, but powerful with dimensions of 106.7 x 50.0 x 32.5mm. To get started all you need to add is a Class 10 MicroSD card. The Philips ADR810 Dash Cam is £139.99 from Drive Safe and Legal.

Key features include:

  • The Philips ADR810 dash cam features smart automatic functions, excellent video performance with perfect night view and a 156° wide angle lens.
  • An automatic recording means as soon as you power up the dashcam it starts recording.
  • In the case of a collision, an emergency recording is automatically saved to secure the evidence and prevent overwriting
  • A clever fatigue index will produce a visual and audible warning message when the driver should take a rest
  • Instant replay function can help to clarify responsibility on the spot with date/time stamped proof
  • The ADR810 captures the sharpest details day and night with optimised night view
  • A 156° wide angle lens captures more of the road with this super wide angle lens

Globenfeld Super Sport Watch

A Limited edition watch that is both scratch and water resistant to 30m. The watch looks very stylish with a dial that is framed by a contrasting Tachymeter. The watch features both analogue and a digital display that can show both 12 and 24-time format, alarm and chime, stopwatch with lap/reset, and backlight function for night vision. It is presented in a very stylish gunmetal grey presentation box, making this men’s sport watch a perfect gift idea.

Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner

Matthew is an angler and he loves to be by the side of the lake no matter what the weather. He has been known to bivvy up in the middle of winter before and a little rain (quite a lot in fact) or snow has never stopped him in the past. The one thing I hate about his all-weather fishing is the mess that is made of our car because everything from his wellies to his bivvy ends up covered in mud. Recently we were sent a Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner which is set to be a game changer for his winter fishing trips.

The OC3 is a simple and lightweight solution for cleaning on the go. It’s easy to store in your car boot or caravan, this battery-powered portable cleaner comes with a 4-litre water tank and a 5 bar pressure that’s perfect for rinsing off your bike, wellies, dog or pushchair at the end of a muddy day.

  • Battery powered cleaner for rinsing down bike, wellies, dog or pushchair at the end of a muddy day
  • 5 bar pressure and a 4-litre water tank and a spray nozzle.
  • Efficient, but gentle low-pressure – offers the advantage of cleaning that is both efficient and extremely gentle at the same time. The standard nozzle with a flat spray enables you to watch the dirt wash away. The cone-spray nozzle is ideal for more sensitive cleaning like dog paws.
  • Up to 20 minutes runtime
  • LED battery indication for low battery power
  • Sealed water tank cover for prevention of water loss

When you’re finished, the spray gun and hose stores away tidily inside the body of the cleaner.

*We were sent these products for the purpose of this feature*

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