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Preparing for Your First Family Summer Holiday

The weather is finally improving, and hopefully, this time, the sunshine is here to stay. That might mean that you are starting to think about your summer holiday. If you’ve got young children, this might be something that you’ve yet to brave. Holidays with young children aren’t quite the same as those adventures that we had when we were younger. You can’t go where you want when you want. You have to put a little more consideration into where you stay, looking at safety, facilities, and the comfort of the rooms. You might not want to travel too far, and packing can seem like a bit of a nightmare.

But, it is absolutely worth it. Family holidays are a great way to spend time together away from the stresses of everyday life. To bond and get to know each other again. They give you a chance to try new things, relax and unwind, and to have some fun together as a family. Yes, travelling with kids can be tough, but it can also be brilliant, and it’s not something that you get to do much of, they’ll be holidaying with their friends before you know it. So, let’s take a look at some ideas and tips if you are considering your first family trip.

Stay Close to Home

You might be desperate for a week lying on the beach and sipping cocktails by the pool. But, in truth, you are unlikely to get the relaxing paradise of your dreams even if you fly to the other side of the world. The kids will want all of your attention, and long distance journeys with young children can be tough.

Instead, take a road trip to somewhere closer to home. There are plenty of beaches with family-friendly accommodation in this country. So, find a new car from if you need to, and hit the road.

Consider Extending Your Family

If you want to be able to spend some time relaxing or enjoying some peace with your partner, why not take your parents, or go on holiday with friends and their kids? There will be more adults to help, and you can all take it in turns to have a break when you need one.

Don’t Panic Pack

Parents travelling with kids often try to take absolutely everything that they could ever need. They take every kind of sunscreen going, enough clothes for three years in a wide range of climates, toys, medicines, nappies and wipes and anything else that they can think of. Assuming this will make life easier. But you are unlikely to need it all. Unless you are travelling somewhere very remote, you could buy anything that you need while you are out there. Try to pack everything you need, but don’t panic about forgetting things, and don’t worry too much about toys, they’ll have plenty to do. Check out these stress-free packing tips for help

Go Off Peak

Before your kids start school, make the most of being able to travel in term time. This won’t just save you money. It will also mean that it’s not too hot and that the attractions aren’t too busy to enjoy.

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