Types of Gifts to Buy a New Baby

So, there’s a new baby in the family and before you visit you want to buy a gift for the new baby but haven’t a clue what to buy. It’s ok, we’ve all been there at some point and even now I sometimes struggle when it comes to buying new gifts for a new baby as there’s just so much choice out there so it’s not hard to see why it can even be a little overwhelming especially if you’ve never bought a gift for a newborn before. There are so many types here are a few ideas if you are stuck.


There is a huge range of personalised new baby gifts on the market, so much more than when My Three were babies that’s for sure. Personalised gifts are gifts that can be commemorative such as a keep sake box or a picture frame to useful items like blankets and sleepsuits.


If you are unsure what to buy, ask the parents if there is anything they need/want for their new addition. This way you’d be buying something needed rather than the possibility of a replica gift. You don’t have to spend a fortune either if there are lots of people wanting to buy a gift suggest an Amazon Wishlist so that the parents can tell everyone in one place what they’d like rather than repeating themselves over and over again.

Cute Teddies

My Three were all bought teddies by myself and Matthew when they were first born. They were cute and fluffy teddy bears and toy dogs and their uncles bought them a Build a Bear teddy each – they still have them all now. They’re not as cute as they were (years of cuddling and washing tends to take the best out of them) but they have been treasured and well loved.

For the Future

New born baby’s get many presents bought for them (and rightly so) but it is worth bearing in mind that they don’t need lots of cute new born outfits, baby toys or blankets. Consider buying an outfit that is suitable for a few months’ time or a toy that they will be able to enjoy when they are a little older.


I remember my mum and best friend coming to the hospital after I had Callum with balloons, as much as I loved them, they were a nightmare to get home. If you are planning to buy gifts like this maybe stick to buying them and taking them round once the family is back home so that they can put them in place right away without having to fight their way down to the car.

You might even decide on a gift that you’ve not bought perhaps give the new parents babysitting services for in the future, help with the washing, offer to help with other siblings if they have them or make a meal for them to enjoy. Little things like this cost nothing but the kindness showed will be very much apricated.

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