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How I Plan To Keep My Three Busy In The Holidays

My Three have now all broken up from school, we are all uber happy about this and it means that we can spend some quality time together.

We are hoping for the nicer weather to return as the weekend just gone has been a write off as the weather was so miserable – we had gale force winds, torrential rain and tons of thunder and lightning – my garden looks like it has seen a hurricane – I can’t believe the difference a week has made as the weekend before we were having a water balloon fight. So back to our weekend as the weather was so dire we decided to have a downtime weekend and just chill out. We watched F1, watched Ready Player One (only because you got a digital download of The Goonies when you bought it through Sky Store) which was an ok film – the kids loved it and they’ve played what seems like eleventy billion hours on the Xbox and Switch whilst I read my book. So all in all an ok weekend was had by all but if things carry on like this for the next 6 weeks we are all going to get pretty sick of each other’s company. With this in mind, I have lots of fun things planned including:

Walks with the dogs – Although we live in a town we are only a short drive away from the countryside. When the weather is nice we love taking the boys and dogs for walks in the woods, down by the canals and rivers or around the local nature reserve. Last week we went for a walk around the nature reserve but it was too warm for the dogs so they were left at home where they had two fans on in the room and a bowl of water left out for them.

Camping – I used to love camping when I was younger and it is something that I am keen for the boys to experience soon. If we manage to have a few days away we will definitely take them up to the lakes as there is plenty to see and do including plenty of places to go for walks. One thing for sure is that I will have my walking boots, welly’s and some thick socks with me as I’ve been caught out before when camping and ended up with very wet cold feet, London Sock Company welly socks would be perfect for keeping my feet warm and dry. I don’t know why but when camping I always end up with cold feet so make sure I wear a pair of socks to bed.

We have also been invited to spend a weekend with a friend in her caravan, so we may just take her up on the offer so that we can have a few more days away too.

A movie day – Although we’ve already seen one movie this holiday, I can’t wait to have (another) Harry Potter movie marathon. They are some of my favourite films and the boys love watching them too. We are also planning a trip to the cinema but so far we are undecided as to what to watch as there are some great movies out at the minute. I really want to see The Incredibles 2 or Hotel Transylvania 3 but two out of the four boys would rather go watch Teen Titans Go – we may have to toss a coin at this rate to decide what we see or Matthew and I might have to do separate screenings if the boys are still unsure what they want to see.

A day at the seaside – I can’t think of anything better than a day on the beach with fish and chips, ice cream and the 2p machines in the arcades. Even if the weather is miserable we can still enjoy ourselves. Hopefully, though the sun will be shinning so that we can go for a paddle in the sea.

Water balloon fights – Last week we had so much fun having a water balloon fight that we will definitely be picking up supplies and having more fights asap. Personally, I prefer messing around with water balloons and water pistols to sitting in a pool (or having to fill and empty it)

What plans do you have for the holidays?

*This is a collaborative post*

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