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It’s A Cat’s Life…

My Three and Me have two cats. Well, I say we have two cats but I think it’s that they have five humans. If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen them regularly as I love posting all their cute pictures. Marley is almost three and is the fluffiest cat in the world and Reggie is just over a year old and he is the most mischievous cat – he climbs, he pushes things over but one thing is true is that he loves his mini humans – at first James was his human and now his attention has turned to Nathan as he will sit with him when we’re watching TV, shares his bed with him every night and pines for him when he is away.

Most pet owners are guilty of spoiling their four-legged family members and My Three and Me are certainly no different. We give our two a few treat biscuits every day and we buy them new toys often. They adore playing with the boys and each other (usually 3 am up and down the stairs or in the bath) and they love sleeping on my bed during the day and with the boys but especially Nathan at night.

If you’re thinking of getting a cat there are a few things you should consider:
  • Male or female – personally we had no preference when Marley came to live with us and we even thought he was a girl – we got a shock when we discovered she was actually a he.
  • Inside or out – Will your cat stay inside or will you allow it to go out? If you do make sure your cat is spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated
  • Long or short hair – We have one of each and I can tell you that Marley sheds much more hair than Reggie and he also produces a lot more hairballs than Reggie does too.
  • Purebred or not – Both of our cats are moggies and that is totally fine by us. If you do want a purebred cat make sure you do your homework into your chosen breed and make sure you buy your cat from a reputable breeder.
  • Cat or kitten – We’ve had both of our cats from tiny kittens – we wanted them to socialise with the boys as babies so that they would get used to them but some people prefer older cats to kittens.

Our tips for keeping them happy in your home:
  • Provide them with a warm, clean place to sleep – cats love to sleep a lot.
  • Provide them with fresh, clean water at all times – make sure you wash and refill their water bowl daily.
  • Only 5-10% of your cat’s diets should be treats so make sure you feed them a balanced diet. Feed them a wet food such as Whiskas cat casserole
  • Cats are good at keeping themselves clean so they rarely need a bath, but you should brush or comb your cat regularly. Brushing helps keep their coat clean, reduces the amount of shedding and will hopefully cut down on the number of hairballs they produce – Marley is a notorious hairball producer (and they are gross)
  • Always be gentle when picking up your cat and never pick them up by the scruff of the neck or by their front legs.
  • Cats are both playful and natural hunters so ensure that they have plenty of toys to keep them entertained – Reggie loves chasing a laser and both cats love their catnip mice.
  • If you plan on keeping your cat indoors they will need a litter box. This should be placed in a quiet but accessible location. If your home is spread out over more than one level there should be one box per floor if possible. Cats won’t use a messy, smelly litter box, so make sure you scoop solid wastes out of the box at least once a day.
  • Provide your cat with a scratching post to save your furniture and carpets.
  • Be a responsible owner and ensure that female cats are spayed and male cats neutered.

3 whiskas pouches surrounded by cat toys

Things to bear in mind:
  • Don’t feed your cat chocolate – it is toxic to cats and could make them very poorly or even kill them.
  • Most houseplants are poisonous to your cat so make sure they are out of their reach – better still ensure any poisonous plants are removed from the home and/or garden if your cat goes outside.
  • Your cat needs to be wormed and fleaed regularly, it is also advised to vaccinate your cat against potentially life-threatening illnesses.
  • Most cats are independent and like to be left alone – engage with them on their terms and they will come to you when they want attention eg to play or be fed.

two cats playing

Do you own a cat? or are you planning to get one? either way, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

*This post is in conjunction with WHISKAS® but all thoughts are my own*

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