Smasher Toy

Introducing Smashers – A New and Exciting Collectable Toy

A little while ago we were asked if we would like to be involved in the launch of a new and exciting toy. When I heard a little more about the toys I agreed as I knew my sports mad sprogs would love Smashers. So what are Smashers I hear you cry – Smashers are a new collectable sports related toy for 4-12s and they are available from today – Boxing Day. They are sure to be a big hit with sports lovers and collectable fans young and old.

Smashers Toy

Each Smasher is a plastic ball that you have to physically ‘smash’ to get to the sports-themed collectable character inside. The “shattered” ball then doubles up as a puzzle that kids can try to put it back into a sphere – be warned though if you have a lot of smashers you will definitely end up with lots of pieces…

Series 1 is based on the world’s most popular sports going into 2018, a year that will play host to a number of global sporting events including the Football World Cup in June. The range includes both good and bad sport characters, along with rare Sports and Golden Trophies to find, and all Smashers appear on the accompanying Collector’s Guide and Game Sheet. There are 100 to collect. Prices start from £1.99 through to £19.99.To celebrate Smashers launch we were sent a giant piñata. It contained lots of Smashers toys and the boys were eager to smash their way through it to see what goodies were inside. As you can see from the video and images below James had tons of fun smashing the Pinata.

In a few weeks time, we will be sharing with you our thoughts and pictures of some of the toys we were sent. Until then you can find out more if you visit ZURU on Facebook, or Follow them on Twitter – @ZURUToys.

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