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Helping Your Child Choose Their GCSEs

When the time comes for your child to choose their GCSEs subjects, they might be excited, anxious or a combination of the two. The good news is that students can now begin to tailor their education around what they enjoy and what they’re good at, which might even steer them in a particular career direction. Mount House School has the following advice for parents, to help their children make the right choices.

As parent or guardian, you are in a fantastic position to offer your support throughout this process, helping your teen understand the implications of their decisions. Take the time to chat with them about their favourite subjects, what they’re good at and what jobs those subjects might lead to in the future. You could also ask them if they think they’d like to go to university, and discuss the pros and cons. These kinds of conversations will prompt your child to think about their academic strengths and what they see themselves doing in terms of a career.

If your young person has a dream job, it would be useful for you to research what type of qualifications are necessary in order to secure a role in that industry. However, it’s also worth encouraging them to select a variety of subjects that will explore and develop a range of skills. In doing so, they are keeping their options open in case they have a change of heart later down the line.

Possibly the most useful thing you can do for your child at this time is assure them that you’re there to answer any questions and support their decisions. Try to relieve the pressure and look out for signs that your child might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

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