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Top tips for dressing your kids this summer

Like us, you’re most likely halfway through the school holidays. For us, this means that we have just over three weeks left before the boys all head off back to school. I don’t know what you have planned but we are still unsure what to actually do the rest of our time although at least one more trip to the beach is on the cards for us and perhaps a meal out next week before the boy’s brother returns home to Ireland.

Also, like us, you’re probably finding that the washing pile is never ending, this can’t be helped this time of year and luckily the lovely weather has helped keep it at a healthy level. If you’re struggling for ideas on what’s hot or not in the world of children’s fashion, we have a few suggestions to jazz up their dress style including:

Substance Over Style – This is really important for little children, for instance, sandals… They look so cute on tiny toes but if they’re new they will rub on their feet and make walking really uncomfortable. Although sandals and socks are a big no-no for any adult for children it is perfectly ok for them to wear a pair of socks with their sandals so that they don’t rub the skin on their feet.

Twinning – This has become very popular and there is nothing more adorable than twins, siblings or mum’s and daughters wearing the same outfits. You can shop kids designer clothing online to find the perfect matching outfit for everyone.

UV Protection – If you’re planning a day at the beach before the end of summer it’s important to make sure everyone is protected from the sun. Applying sun cream regularly will ensure no one is burnt but it may be easier to dress little ones in a full outfit that can protect them from the suns powerful rays so that you only need to keep reapplying sun cream to exposed areas such as their hands and face.

Layer Up –  As we are heading towards September the weather is becoming changeable. Although the day might start sunny and bright it can quickly turn cold and wet. Pack a lightweight jacket or kagool type coat so that you have it just in case the weather turns bad whilst you are out and about. Pakamacs are a great investment and can sit in a bag or boot of a car without taking up much space. on warmer days it is still a great idea to dress little ones in cotton materials and light layers so that you can take them off or add more should you need to.

Take Extras – If you know that you’re heading to the wood, to the beach or for a day out at a family festival old clothes are a must. Taking spare clothes to change into before you leave is also a good idea as you never know how muddy, wet or dirty your little ones might get.
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