Dreaming of a New Kitchen

You know you’re a fully fledged adult when you get excited about new things for your home. I can’t tell you how excited I was in the new year when we finally decorated our hallway and landing. So when we finally get around to redesigning our kitchen I am going to be like a little girl in a sweet shop.

I’ve mentioned a lot in the past about all the things I want to do in the future to our home from extending the house to updating our garden but at the moment our plans are on hold until after our wedding next month.

Although I have been so busy planning our wedding and trip to New York, it hasn’t stopped me thinking about our big home renovations. When I get around to updating my kitchen it will be the bees knees and will include some if not all of the following.

Integrated appliances

At the minute we only have a built-in oven in our kitchen, the rest of our appliances are freestanding. They don’t look bad or anything like that but when it comes to updating our kitchen, I’d love for any new appliances to be integrated. I think integrated appliances make a room look bigger and the cupboard doors hide everything out of the way. I will be investing in two built-in ovens or a double oven as I find at the minute I run out of space when cooking and baking and it’s really frustrating especially when I get my bake on. When the time comes, I will be looking at Grundig’s (a German heritage brand with a 74-year history who launched home appliances in the UK for the first time in 2013, exclusively through Currys PC World) range of multifunction ovens. All their appliances come with a five-year guarantee and they have so many great features to make cooking and baking easy including:

  • A++ energy rating to help reduce energy
  • Chef assist programmes – Grundig have ovens that have over 30 pre-set programmes, each programme selects the correct temperature and duration for any recipe selected.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning – Self-cleaning oven mode, which reduces stubborn grease to dust, which can easily be wiped away.
  • Meat optimiser – Temperature probe to cook meat exactly how you like it
Storage space

Although a three-bed semi, when our house was first designed the one thing they didn’t take into consideration was storage. I love my house but if it lacks more than anything else its storage space. When I think about a new kitchen design it will incorporate useful shelving and cupboard systems so that all my cookbooks, pans, baking bits and pieces, utensils and small appliances all have places to live that don’t involve them being sat on my worktops or in cupboards that I’m too small to reach.

Be More Eco Friendly

We’ve already started being more Eco-friendly in our home by reducing the amount of single-use plastic we purchase. I think once we have our new kitchen it will be much easier to implement as we can be more mindful as to the choices we make but this doesn’t mean we can’t start right now as there are certainly a few things we can put into practice straightaway especially where wasting food is concerned. We already recycle plastic and other items and we often bulk buy to save money and to save on the number of shopping trips we undertake. We are also trying to cut down the waste we produce. There have been many occasions in the past where food has gone to waste and looking back this could have been saved, from now on this will be the case. We are going to make use of leftovers and invest in a compost bin to help feed our homegrown veggies (we are starting the patch once we get home from our holiday).

Are you planning a new kitchen in the future? If so I’d love to hear about your plans.

*This is a collaborative post*

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