Ways We Might Update Our Bathroom

Our bathroom is probably the most used room in the house. It takes a lot of wear and tear from everyone and is due for a refresh soon. The suite was updated a few years ago so that doesn’t need updating anytime soon (which is a good thing as it will save us lots of money) but the décor definitely needs a brighten up.

At the minute we have half the bathroom tiled as we have a bath and an overhead shower, and the rest is painted. I find that no matter what colour or brand of paint we use the paint always seems to age quickly. When the time comes, I would consider replacing all the tiles and painted walls with bathroom wall panels instead. They are low maintenance once installed, are easy to keep clean, look great and come with a 10-year guarantee. They come in a variety of colours and would be perfect for giving our bathroom a professional looking makeover.

I would also buy new accessories for the bathroom including new bathmats, towels and a bathroom cabinet. As space is limited in our bathroom, I’d consider an under-sink counter to store all the essential but ugly items (spare toilet rolls, cleaners etc). I would also invest in a new mirror as we only have a small one that isn’t much use at the minute.

Are you planning to update your bathroom soon?

*This is a collaborative post*

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