What to consider when decorating your home for your new arrival

If the pitter patter of tiny feet in your home is imminent, you might want to start thinking about how you can redecorate your home to suit your new arrival. Here are a few things you might want to consider before the big day.

Colour schemes

You’re bound to be keen to decorate baby’s room for his or her arrival, but you might be struggling to decide on the best approach. It may be that you want to choose a bold colour of paint or wallpaper with a design that you can use on one wall to grab attention. This might not be the best option for smaller spaces, however. Instead, opt for a neutral colour scheme that can easily be livened up with bright accessories and soft furnishings. Some of the best colours for nurseries include cream, yellow and light grey.

Baby’s safety

Your home might feel like a safe haven, but it’s surprising just how much can stand as a potential danger to a new baby, particularly as they’re learning how to crawl. Stop their little fingers from getting caught or trapped in hinges with hinge protectors, invest in some socket covers and keep all sharp objects and potentially harmful foods, drinks and chemicals in high drawers or cupboards so that they can’t be reached. Once your baby starts to learn how to walk and crawl, a stair gate is definitely worth the investment, and a fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector should be installed regardless of whether you’re starting a family or not.

Making use of space

If the space in your home is limited, ideas about how you can utilise what’s available will come as a godsend. Making use of the space under the crib as a place to store necessary items such as nappies, opting for a fold-down changing table and choosing a crib on wheels that can easily be moved around are all good ways that you can save some much-needed room. If you want to transform your home, even more, installing an aluminium bi-fold door can turn one room into two with the slide of a door which can be great if you want easy access to the nursery from your own bedroom.

Comfort items

Along with the necessary items such as a crib, a highchair and a pram, you’re going to need to buy a ton of comfort items that will make your baby feel safe and sound. When choosing things comfort blankets and soft toys be mindful of whether or not they’re appropriate for newborns as often they can include additions that could be a potential choking hazard. After all, the safety of your baby is the most important thing of all.

Avoid allergens and irritants

Newborn babies are susceptible to a lot more than older kids and adults so when decorating your home make sure you look out for any water-damaged carpets and furniture that could be causing damp. If you have a furnace or a chimney, it might be a good idea to get it professionally cleaned to avoid unwanted smoke and decrease the chance of a fire.

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