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Three Ways a Family Holiday Can Be an Investment in Your Future

One of the best times in the life of any family is that time when you are away from work and all the responsibilities of taking care of the household. What does this mean? Why, the family holiday, of course! This year, when planning where you will go with the kids in tow, think about how to use this time wisely as in investment in your future and theirs as well. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Time Spent Away from the Crowds

Have you ever noticed that kids are very easily distracted, especially when you are trying to impart some important bit of knowledge to them? One of the ways you can make a major difference in their lives is to spend time with them where they can easily give you their attention without cars racing by, by-passers talking loudly and the colourful sights floating by all around. This is especially important when teaching them about the wonders of this wide and wonderful world in which they live.

2. Touring Vineyards for Education and Investments

Places you choose to go on holiday can be important on several levels. For example, touring a vineyard can help you show your children how wine and grape juice is made and then there is the investor side of your personality to satisfy. Why not take the opportunity to seek out fine wine from vintners you are especially pleased with? Buying fine wine can be an investment in your future if you happen to be there in a year when a delightful vintage is ready to be bottled and corked.

In fact, you might even enjoy a wine tasting tour while the little people are thrilled with activities and experiences designed to delight them whilst you get at the wine and cheese tables. Once you’ve selected your bottles to invest in, they can be easily shipped back home to a wine storage company like Octavian Vaults, assured that your wines will be safe, secure and properly stored during the ageing process. A decade down the road this small investment today on a family holiday can yield a tidy ROI!

3. Visiting Higher Education Institutes for Your Children’s Future

Whilst the UK has some of the finest universities in the world, there are times when sending your kids off to the continent offers a better multidimensional education. Not only will they have access to some of the most acclaimed global scholars but they will be exposed to other cultures before entering the world of business. No matter what field your children will eventually enter, the digital age has made this a much smaller world and today any professional needs to network with a wide range of individuals representing cultures from around the globe.

Whether you are seeking artefacts to preserve for future value or are simply on a family holiday, it is truly an investment in your family’s future. You can never recapture today and so you should learn to live in the moment as often as possible. These moments on holiday can be your biggest investment if you use them wisely.

*This is a collaborative post*

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