What I Dream of Owning Most…

I have been tagged by Charlie Monsters Fun House and Hex Mum to tell you about the things I dream of owning:

1.  An Apple Ipad

This would be so that I can blog wherever I am and can keep in touch with all my lovely friends and followers on both Twitter and Facebook easier. Plus it would mean I’m not sat at the computer constantly.

2. A Mamas and Papas Sola Pushchair

I love this pushchair and would love to own one, it is really funky and looks great. James maybe two but we do lots of school runs and take Pepper and Yogi out for walks every day so we still use a pushchair lots on a daily basis.

3. A top of the range washing machine and dishwasher as in our house these are the two appliances that are used the most and are definitely on their last legs from all the use. I am dreaming of the day when I can replace them :).

4. Last but not least I would love a piece of signed Jenson Button memorabilia, in our house he is the best F1 driver and is the only one we all follow, we would love to meet him one day but would be happy with a signed t-shirt or cap until then.

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