We are hosting a #PlasticineSofteez Twitter Party

A couple of days a go My Three took delivery of a rather large parcel. Inside was an array of  things we would need to host a #PlasticineSofteez Twitter Party. 

Our Party Pack

The boys are really looking forward to their party. They have invited their friends and have made me a list of the party food that they would all like to eat – it’s a good job I have a delivery coming from the supermarket the day before as their list was pretty big.. I’m hoping that the weather picks up in time so we can enjoy our party out in the garden. But whatever the weather I’m sure we will have lots of fun and I am hoping it will be a good excuse to give the boys at least one day off from saying “I’m bored”, “There’s nothing to do”, and my favourite of all time…. “Mummmmmmmy….. He’s not letting me play with him…” The way they are carrying on you’d think they’d been off school 5.5 weeks already and not been enjoying days out to York, the park and to friends houses (not bad at all for the first week of the holidays if you ask me).

I have to say that the boys are very creative  bunch and love to get stuck in with making things – I feel that they may just put me and my “creations” to shame. I really was at the bottom of the queue when the creativity genes were being handed out. Having said this I can’t wait to see what fun things My Three and their friends make using all the materials we were sent and yes I will be joining in too. As my mum used to say it’s the taking part that counts.

Our Crafting Materials

Plastercine Softeez is something of a wonder. It is plastercine that doesn’t dry out! (I know… it sounds wonderful) gone are the days of trying to get the rock hard substance to do what you want and of it crumbling if left out for too long. Plastercine Softeez is aimed at children aged 3 – 7 years old but I am sure Callum will take time out from playing his Xbox to come and have a play with his brothers and their friends.

Make sure you join us over on Twitter with  using the hashtag #PlasticineSofteez on 5 August 2015 at 2-4 pm. We hope to see lots of you there.

There’s just just a few things left to do before our party – decorate our cake and fill the goody bags – which I am sure the kids will love – who doesn’t love a piece of cake and a goody bag?
Goody Bag and Contents

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