Trying to Keep My Acne At Bay

I never really suffered from spots as a teenager – yes I had the odd one here and there – usually around the time of school photographs or when I was going to go out to meet my then boyfriend – you know the usual moments of stress in a young girl’s life… Oh, how I wished I hadn’t taken my beautiful skin for granted back then.

Fast forward a few years (ok a few more than a few) and here I am with more than a few troublesome spots, pimples, blackheads and greasy skin. I don’t know what changed but since having the boys my skin has been awful. Obviously, my stress levels are a lot higher now but I can’t put all the blame on that for my frequent outbreaks.

I try to combat my outbreaks with the following:

I wash my face in a morning, on a night before bed and in between if I’ve been exercising or it’s a hot day (you’ve got to love the hot sticky days in summer). I usually use soap just one of these  times as I don’t want my skin to dry out and I only use shop bought products designed to combat acne when I have a bad breakout as I don’t want my skin to become dependant on them for riding me of my blemishes (is this even a thing or have I imagined that).
I try not to wear makeup unless I’m going out for a special occasion. This has always been the same and even when I was younger I never bothered with makeup – this is probably why I am so rubbish at applying it now unlike my sister who always had to have her face plastered in foundation and probably still does (we rarely see each other so I’m unsure of her routine these days). But the last time we saw each other she was suffering from acne and was wearing a lot less makeup than she used to so maybe she has changed her routine.
I’m lucky that my spots have never required a visit to the doctor or regular medication to control my outbreaks but I wouldn’t hesitate to visit my GP should they always be present.
If you’re suffering from acne why not visit Facing Acne where you can find more tips on combating these pesky spots.
What ways do you prevent spot breakouts?

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