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Tracks of My Years – Rock and Roll Pussycat

This week’s Tracks of My Years comes from the fabulous Cat who blogs over at Rock and Roll Pussycat. She is based up in the North East and is one of my closest blogging friends. We bonded over our love for all things Grey’s Anatomy a few years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. Cat’s tracks can only be described as an eclectic mix but it’s a great mix of songs and there are a few songs mentioned that I love too.

So Cat, it’s over to you and the Tracks of your Years….

There are so many songs that I love, some for their words, some for their sound and some for the memories (good and bad) that they bring back.

Dire Straits – Walk of Life

I remember dancing around the living room with my Nana to this while my Mam did the ironing. I blooming loved my childhood. I was so lucky to have my Nana and Grandad around while my Mam was poorly. I miss them every day and wish they could have met the little man.

Genesis – I Can’t Dance

Whenever my Mam and I were in the car when I was young, she’d have music on. I grew up listening to Genesis, Dire Straits and Eric Clapton. I loved curling up on the back seat on the way home listening to her sing.

Mike and the Mechanics – The Living Years

The words to this mean a lot to my Mam, and make us both think of my Grandad. Her and my Grandad clashed a bit during her childhood and I think it really hit her after he died. He was such a nice man, my father figure and a total family man.

Chris DeBurgh – Lady in Red

I love the way he says the word dance. This song reminds me of watching Stars in Their Eyes on a Saturday night with my Nana and Granda and that bloke who WAS Chris DeBurgh. I also think I had a bit of love for Matthew Kelly! It reminds me of my Primary School years and when evenings were spent with family.

All Saints – Never Ever

This was the very first CD I bought myself at Woolworths. I was 12 and played it over and over until I memorised the lyrics – I didn’t even like All Saints. I think it was out of the bargain bin.

Any After Dark/Judgement Day/Colluseum type music

I went through a Rave phase when I was at Secondary school. Even now, it’s my guilty pleasure, and often find myself lost in a hardcore bubble on YouTube. This was then life was hardcore, White Lightning cider and 10 Lambert and Butler cost less than £1. I spent far too many nights dancing like a lunatic in places where I was far too young.

Ultra Beat – Pretty Green Eyes

This was the theme tune to my first holiday without adults! My friend Hayley and I toddled off to Malia in Crete when we were 17. 2 weeks of sun, sea and s ….. Ha. I loved every second. God, I wish I was still that age and weight!

The Cooper Temple Clause – Blind Pilots

My music taste did eventually change after meeting my second boyfriend at 15. He was older and in a band so I was introduced to better music. The Cooper Temple Clause were amazing and it’s sad they’re not around anymore.

Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

Said boyfriend above often gigged around the North East and were supported by the Arctic Monkeys before they made it big. I remember laughing my way through the gig because I was convinced they were called the Armpit Monkeys. We ended up getting drunk with them after the gig and I still have the demo disc with Alex’ mobile number written across it.

Oasis Sunday Morning Call

This song sends shivers down my spine. It reminds me of lazy Sundays with my boyfriend at the time, usually making up after a weekend of arguments (now I’m older and more sensible, I know it wasn’t a healthy relationship but he was my first love).

Kasabian – L.S.F

This reminds me of being a pretty cool indie chick and probably the time that my blog name came from (I used to think I was pretty rock and roll back in the day). I was in my very late teens and used to go to BulletProof and Brighton Beach in Newcastle every week and hang out with the cool kids. Plus, how fab is the lyric ‘A polyphonic Prostitute’.

Puressence – Sharpen up the Knives

Another tune that reminds me of my early 20’s and being in that relationship that I really should have walked away from. I love the song and the band, though, but no one ever seems to know who they are.

Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass

The whole Silent Alarm reminds of my little party flat. I was single after splitting with my boyfriend of 6 years and I went a bit wild. It was such a fun time but I seriously hope the little man never lives like that! We had parties every night, I paid the rent on my credit card and my Mam was convinced I was becoming an alcoholic. Ooops.

Ian Brown – F.E.A.R

This reminds me of the man I moved to Thailand with. I have one of the verses tattoo’d on my back and Fantastic expectations. Amazing revelations tattoo’d on my leg. Another relationship that was far from perfect but a man that encouraged me to do what I want and have no regrets.

James Blunt – Beautiful

I spent 6 months of my life in Thailand in my 20’s- amazing country, amazing people but not the best company. This song reminds me of Thailand and it’s unique karaoke bars. Even now when I hear it, it makes me think of Thai people singing You’re buffalo’ and I tend to sing those words rather than the proper ones.

The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset

Despite it being an old song, it’s a good one. It reminds me of the early days of meeting my Hubby. We spent many nights in a local indie nightclub, drunk and getting to know each and realising we had the same music taste!

Carpenters – They Long to Be (close to you)

Hubby and I bonded over our love of the Carpenters. A guilty pleasure of us both. It seems both our Mothers were fans when we were kids. When I’m drunk I also seem to think I can sing like Karen Carpenter (I can’t).

Michael Bolton – When a Man Loves a Woman

My accidental wedding song! Hubby and I got married in Cyprus so we had a much more casual Wedding with no speeches or stress. I was insistent we weren’t having a first dance because our reception was in a beachside taverna and we had 20 odd guests, however, this song somehow became our first dance and a song which all of our wedding guests sang to us at Karaoke the night after the wedding.

So there you go, the Tracks of my Years. Thank you, Louise, for letting me take part. I’ve loved the last three hours I’ve spent scrolling through YouTube!

Rock and Roll Pussycat can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you Cat for joining in – I love your tracks and there are some fab song choices in there. I LOL’d at “You’re Buffalo” and I love that you had a first dance even though you didn’t want one in the first place although I’m pretty impressed that you got to hang out with the Artic Monkey’s before they were famous – that my friend is pretty awesome…

What do you think about Cat’s Track choices? If you’d like to take part in the series please contact us.

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