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Helping Your Child Develop their Confidence

Kids need to feel sure of themselves and their abilities in order to excel at school, in their relationships and throughout life in general. As parents, it’s vital that we instil confidence into our children as early as possible so that they’re ready for everything life throws their way. Unsure what you can do to help? Read on for some advice from a prep school in London.

Although it might seem obvious, the best thing you can do to help your child in all aspects of life is to love them unconditionally. It’s important for children to feel love, support and acceptance to avoid feelings of insecurity. Another great way to help your child become confident is to let them make their own decisions as much as possible. If they have to follow orders all the time, they will never develop the self-assurance required to take risks, try new things or solve problems on their own.

Praise and encourage your child, but only when they truly deserve it. If you give them praise just for the sake of it, the meaning behind it can start to become diluted and therefore less effective. The idea here is to teach your children that putting themselves out there, trying hard and achieving greatness will be recognised and rewarded. This will help to encourage them to continue with similar behaviour going forward.

It’s worth speaking to your kids about their hopes and dreams from a young age. Help them establish some realistic, achievable goals for both the immediate and far off future. Let them know that they can be whatever they want to be as long as they put their mind to it. When/if they fail to achieve their goals, don’t be too hard on them as this can give their confidence a knock. Instead, encourage them to try again or try something different; give them the courage they need to not give up.

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