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Ways To Brighten Up Your Home Office

Chances are if you have a home office you spend much of your working day in there – I know I would if I had one (it’s on my list when we either extend or move). But staring at the same four walls day in day out can put a real dampener on your day especially if your office is plain and boring.

There are many ways you can jazz up your working space and with minimal effort on your part too. It doesn’t even have to break the bank, it can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. If you’re looking at ways to make your home office a little brighter here are some ideas.


If you’ve got a nice even, flat, one coloured wall you could add your favourite quotes to them. Decals are cheap to buy and easy to apply if you read the instructions properly. My favourite quote at the minute is “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain” and I would definitely have it placed on my wall if I could – I can’t at the minute as none of my walls are flat or even. If quotes aren’t your thing you could add your favourite song lyrics – anything that makes you happy. If you didn’t want anything permanent on your walls you could have your quotes or lyrics in a frame and hung on your wall instead, that way you can move them if or when you want or need too.


Add a feature wall if all your walls are white or magnolia, one wall will add both depth and character to your office space. You could also choose to wallpaper a single wall in your office, but it might be best to stick to a simple pattern so as not to be too distracting in your line of sight.


Choose your furniture wisely. When it comes to choosing your desk, you want to make sure it’s practical for your work – do you need drawers? somewhere to store all your work materials? The same goes for your chair -if you’re going to be sitting at your desk for a long time make sure your chair will support your back. You can buy furniture to match the rest of your room or something that will stand out. I’m a fan of wooden furniture and would definitely be including a wooden desk with maybe a grey or white finish.

Desk Ornaments

I’m a believer in having a clear workspace but that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things on your desk, maybe a couple of your favourite pictures, notebooks, pencils and pens and perhaps you might even add a lamp to your desk. I’m a fan of salt lamps and really think an orange salt lamp would help brighten your room no end. Did you know that salt lamps have possible health benefits too? they are thought to purify the air and remove impurities from near your body – perfect for your working environment. If your looking for a salt lamp for your office or even to add to another room in your home take a look at https://www.embasaltlamps.com.au/ where you will be spoilt for choice.

These are just a few of the things you could change/add to your home office. If you’re planning to brighten up your office I’d love to know how you plan to do this in the comments below.


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