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Great Destinations in the UK for Weekend Breaks

They say a change is as good as a rest and I think the same could be said for a change of scenery too. Getting away for even just a weekend does wonders for the soul, body and state of mind. Whether you’re planning a relaxing weekend break for two or to take the kids for a fun filled weekend it’s amazing how much better you feel just for being away from your everyday norm. If you’re looking for a lovely destination to stay and visit here are some suggestions for you.

The Coast

As we’re a just a little island we have a lot of different coastlines. Whether you’re planning a night on the town or a caravan stay with the family our coastal towns have some fantastic places to visit. I used to live near Scarborough and loved my weekly nights out. Nowadays if I was planning a trip to the coast I’d be looking at staying in a caravan with the kids. We’d go for a walk around the castle and eat fish and chips down near the harbour (although we’d have to be careful as the seagulls are a nuisance and will dive bomb you to steal your food). Similarly, if I was planning to take the kids to a coastal town that had lots of family attractions I’d be looking to take them to Blackpool for the weekend I would be looking at local B and Bs or the holiday parks situated nearby so that we could spend a few days visiting all the attractions the town has to offer. This time of year most people visit Blackpool to see the illuminations – this is something I am yet to take the boys to see but will certainly be making sure we visit them as we often go to Blackpool just at the wrong time of year for the lights.


There are so many cities in the UK it’s hard to just choose one that I’d like to visit but I am very fond of my hometown of York so I would highly recommend a visit here. What’s not to love… there’s plenty of historical sites to see including, Clifford’s Tower, The Minster, the Bar Walls and The Shambles, and if shopping is your thing you could pay a visit to the local shopping centres and complexes such as Monks Cross or the Designer Outlet that are situated just a few miles out of the city centre. Whilst staying in York you could opt for a cheap B & B or perhaps look at staying in a hotel. York is a very popular place to stay especially when the races are on so make sure you book early if you are planning a stay to avoid missing out.

National Parks

One of the best things about our country is our National Parks – miles and miles of relatively untouched beauty isn’t too far away. You could visit the Cairngorms, Yorkshire Dales or The Peak District or even stay in my favourite the Lake District. When we were small we used to visit all the big lakes. We’d spend many days on family walks and would love every minute. You could visit the Lakeland Motor Museum or Keswick’s Theatre by the lake, but in all honesty, there is so much to see and do you won’t be short of things to do no matter what time of year you visit – you’ll probably find that a weekend isn’t long enough and you end up going back time and time again.

The Rivers

If you fancy a weekend break with a difference why not spend the weekend away on a river. You could spend your time travelling and sleeping in style in a narrow boat. You get to see parts of the country you might not ordinarily see and you can travel as far or as little as you want. It’s probably best to check how sturdy your sea legs are before booking any more than a few days away because if you’re like me and not a fan of the water then more than a few days away would probably make you more stressed than relaxed.

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