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Six Enchanting Hospitality & Holiday Decorating Ideas

A beautifully decorated hotel or bed and breakfast will always leave guests and visitors utterly impressed and coming back for more. Whether you’re looking to add a something special to the everyday décor and interiors of your hotel or you want some unique and captivating ideas for holiday decorations, we have some interesting tips and suggestions for you. A lot of these simple, affordable and absolutely worth it ideas can help you transform your hotel or B&B into something fabulous. Here’s everything you need to know:

Going Crazy With The Adorable Little Trinkets

Holiday décor doesn’t always need to be loud and in your face. The little trinkets and DIY decorations can also play a magnificent role in making your hotel or bed and breakfast look utterly fabulous and extremely festive. Let’s see what you can do to add holiday spirit to your décor:

  • Get a gorgeous silver serving tray. You can fill this tray up with pretty and charming little decorations. From filling up the silver tray with potpourri to filling it up with little hearts and candles for Valentine’s Day and even with lovely Christmas balls for Christmas.
  • Installing beautiful glass and crystal vases around the property and filling them up with stunning and seasonal flowers, sprigs of evergreens and colourful and vibrant pebbles can really help add character and charm to your hotel.
  • Snow globes and apothecary jars are great ways to liven up your hotel décor during Christmas. The snow globes can be placed on side tables in the lobby, on shelves in the hotel rooms and so on.
  • You can decorate the entry table of the rooms with lovely miniature Santa Claus statues, statues of elves, Christmas stockings and more. For Valentines Day you can place decorate the entry table with 3D paper heart garlands.
Go All Out With Candles And Candle Holders

The best part about using candles in the décor of any hotel or bed and breakfast is that they look beautiful all through the year and at the same time they have meaning behind lit up on every occasion. Whether you’re lighting up the candles for Christmas, or you’re trying to create a romantic vibe with candles for Valentines, you can place candles in every corner of your hotel. The shelves in the lobby or in the rooms can have beautiful glass jar style candle holders. The jar-style candle holders are also safer to install because the candle can be left burning even if it’s unattended. If you’re going to place candles on a simple candle platter, you need to ensure that the candles are not left unattended otherwise they may cause a fire. There are countless different kinds of beautiful crystal and glass and metal birdcage style candle holders that you can get for your hotel décor on many online portals. The candles can even be placed on the restaurant table as centrepieces to add to the charm and romantic vibe of the eatery.

Lights – No Festival Or Décor Is Complete Without Them!

No hotel or hotel décor is complete without the perfect lighting. If you want to add to the festive vibe and make your hotel seem more holiday friendly and gorgeous, then you should definitely add simple festive lighting to space. You can get lovely and vibrant string lights, rice lights, mini-ball style lights, lantern style hanging lights and lots more. You can even design the string lights in the shape of wreaths, bells, hearts and more when putting them up on a wall. For Christmas, you can choose lights that are available in shades of green, red and white. For Valentine’s Day, you can choose lights that are available in shades of pink, lavender, red and so on.

Faux Plants Are The Perfect Companions Of Every Hotel

Another great way to make your hotel décor more stunning and fabulous over the holiday season or even just all through the year is by installing artificial flowers for outdoors, fake plants and trees and

other faux landscaping products. A lot of hoteliers opt for artificial plant wall options in the porches of their hotels. You can even use the plant wall to partition the poolside. If your hotel has an outdoor seating area or a garden or an outdoor restaurant, you can use outdoor artificial trees to decorate the space. The best part about installing artificial trees for outdoor use is that they don’t need maintenance and care.

Use Terrariums Around The Hotel Or B&B

Terrariums look stunning and add to the vibe of almost any space. You can get specially designed winter terrariums, summer terrariums, nature terrariums and more. The winter terrariums can be covered with white pebbles and stones that represent the snow. You can add some lovely bottle brush plants into the terrariums to give them a lovely Christmas like feel. If you’re looking out for Valentine’s Day terrariums, you can decorate the glass bowl with lovely and colourful pebbles, succulent plants and heart-shaped decorations.

Candy – Delicious And Festive

No occasions or holiday is complete without delicious candy. Whether you’re looking to offer liquorice and candy canes for Christmas, or you wish to decorate glass bowls with scrumptious Valentine’s chocolates, you can add to the décor of your hotel by creatively displaying candy in the rooms, on the dining tables at the restaurant and so on.

Decorating your hotel for the festive season will give the guests a very warm feeling. It will also help your hotel look more beautiful and inviting. These simple and easy to incorporate décor ideas are all you need to add that little extra sparkle to your hotel or B&B.

Looking for affordable yet gorgeous ideas to revamp your hotel or B&B over the holidays? The tips and suggestions that we have can transform your hotel into a winter wonderland or a romantic space. Just follow these ideas and witness the magical transformation in the vibe of the hotel.

*This is a collaborative post*

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