Leapfrog Learning Drum

This is a toy that has worked its way through all three boys and is still going strong today. So strong in fact i think we’ve only needed to change the batteries in the drum twice in the 5 years we’ve had it.
All three have played with the drum on numerous occasions whilst being young and I would go as far as to say has been a firm favourite with them all. Nathan still uses it occasionally now to help him learn the alphabet and James is still getting as much fun and excitement as his brothers did previously.

The drum has 4 main key points of play that the child can interact with, either the alphabet, numbers, music or simply a drum, it helps teach a child hand eye co ordination as when they hit the drum a sound is made. James loves nothing better than to sit there beating the drum repetitively to see the flashing red lights.

The drum also has a self shut off feature which most parents love as it means it soon becomes quiet once the child has moved on to playing with something else.

I would highly recommend a product like this (and know Leapfrog now make an upgraded version of this toy) it is excellent value for money and has provided my 3 boys with years worth of play.

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