Five Great Locations to Visit in Canada

Canada is well known for its beautiful landscapes, stunning sights, and variety of great attractions for tourists of all ages. But when planning a trip to Canada, how do you pick which of the many potential options to go with? Which spots are must hits, and which can you afford to miss? Ultimately this requires quite a lot of research and planning; it’s a big country and there’s a lot to sift through. But in what we hope will be a helpful start, we’ve put together a list of a few places you shouldn’t miss!

1. Niagara Falls

Let’s start with the obvious. Niagara Falls is often considered one of Canada’s most impressive landmarks, and for that matter one of the greatest natural attractions in North America. This enormous cascade of waterfalls is one of the largest in the world, and offers a wide range of different experiences. Most notable among these experiences are up-close boat tours that will actually take you out on the water at the base of the falls. You’ll get a much closer and much more exciting experience than you ever would just standing on the shore – though there are also some companies that will take you on guided walking tours either over or up to and behind some of the falls.
2. Jasper National Park

If you’re a lover of nature, then Jasper National Park will be right up your alley. This massive, lush preserve stretches across a wide swath of the Canadian landscape and offers an incredible variety of different activities for you to take part in. There are whitewater rafting companies lining the Athabasca River, a skyline tram that can give you a bird’s-eye view of the park, and hiking trails all throughout the Maligne Canyon. Throw in the pure splendor of the sightseeing at all of the above, and this is truly a place that shouldn’t be missed. Frankly, it’s underrated among North American nature attractions.
3. The River Rock

One of Canada’s strongest benefits over the U.S. is its impressive and varied casino scene. For one thing, Canada has a number of top sites for digital casino gaming, and believe it or not plenty of tourists cross the border just to be able to play these. If you’re looking for a more specific destination though, there are also real casinos dotted around the country. And while there are a few larger ones, the River Rock just south of Vancouver may be our favorite of the bunch. It’s a very pretty, medium-sized resort, right on the water and providing a comfortable, peaceful vacation complete with full gaming facilities. All of this, plus the option of day trips into Vancouver, or to Vancouver Island, makes this a terrific place to add to your list.
4. Whistler

The snowy town of Whistler is unquestionably one of the highlights of Canadian travel, thanks to its widely recognized status as one of the continent’s best winter sports destinations. Having hosted the Winter Olympics in the past, the town still retains an Olympic Village area, with access to incredible slopes and, naturally, rental equipment of all sorts, making it easy for travelers to access the peaks. It’s a must for people who like to ski or snowboard, though we should also mention that the town itself is also full of charms (including warm and cozy bars and restaurants perfect for the end of a long day of activity).
5. Capilano Suspension Bridge

We mentioned River Rock being just south of Vancouver, and this is an alternative attraction on the northern side. In fact, if it’s something you decide you want to see and experience, you may want to consider staying in the city – which, incidentally, is among the top Canadian destinations itself. Thrilling visitors since 1889, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is 450 feet high and 230 feet long, stretching through some of the verdant treetops of the British Columbia wilderness. There aren’t many other opportunities, in Canada or elsewhere, to experience nature quite like this.

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