How to Make Your Bedroom Winter Ready

With the really cold weather just around the corner, now is a good time to get your bedroom ready for the winter. There really is nothing worse than being cold in bed. Studies show that if you cannot keep your bedroom at the right temperature it is really hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Get out your winter bedding

It is always a good idea to change your bedding in the winter. Putting a higher tog quilt on your bed will make a huge difference to how warm you feel. It is also worth adding a top cover of some sort. That way, if you wake up feeling chilly you just need to reach to the end of the bed to pull an extra blanket over yourself.

If you feel the cold a lot, it is also worth changing the type of sheets you use. A lot of people find that flannelette feels warmer than smooth cotton does.

It may also be worth your while investing in an electric blanket. Should you already own one, get it out in advance to check that it still works and does not

need cleaning. If you prefer to use hot water bottles get them out and check that they are still in good condition.

Sort Out Your Nightwear

A pile of Red blankets, cushions, a hot water bottle and some cream slipper boots

It is always worth getting out your winter nightwear and making sure that it still fits. You need to make sure that your slippers are still in good condition. Be sure to replace them if the soles are showing signs of wear. Every year, dozens of people trip over in their slippers because the soles have come loose.

Put Some Rugs Down

If you have laminate flooring in your bedroom, put down a couple of rugs. This will make your room look cosier as well as make sure that you do not suffer from cold feet when you get up during the night.

Check Your Heating

Before it gets too cold it is really worth turning your heating on and checking that all of your radiators warm up properly. If none of your radiators are working, you will need to call a heating engineer. Should you notice that only

one or two of your radiators are not warm all over, just bleed them. This will release any air that is trapped in the system and should get them all working properly again.

Check For Draughts

Over time, doors or windows that fit perfectly end up with gaps and cracks. This is because houses gradually settle and move and the materials your home is made from shrink and expand quite a bit. Therefore, it really is worth checking the room for draughts and addressing any that you find. It only takes a few minutes to add a draught exclusion strip to the bottom of your door and some tape around the frame.

Draught Proof Your Windows

There are several ways to draught proof windows. This short video explains the various options, including using transparent film and draught proofing strips. It is always worth hanging heavier curtains if you have them. This simple step will make it far harder for heat to leave your bedroom via that route.


*This is a collaborative post*

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