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How You Could Become A Scholastic Book Champion

Did you know that Scholastic have been supporting readers and learners for over 90 years and did you also know that children who read frequently perform better at school? This is why Scholastic only select the very best children’s books from over 70 publishers, to ensure children develop a life-long passion for reading.

If you have a passion for reading and want to encourage your little ones or perhaps other little ones to read more you could consider working with Scholastic by becoming a Book Champion and hosting your very own Book Parties? You could be helping to ignite that love of reading whilst earning money and building your very own little (or big) business from home. You’ll be able to share the best children’s books – often they have up to 70% off RRP (but there are new offers every 6 weeks) with your family and friends who I’m sure will be eager to snap up some bargains while they last! There are 100’s of titles to choose from – the below is just a small sample of what will be available in the coming weeks but I think would make perfect Christmas gifts.

It’s easy to become a Book Champion in 5 easy steps:
  1. First, you need to register online
  2. Pay a £15 joining fee
  3. Choose a name for your online bookshop
  4. You will be sent a link to your online bookshop so you can start selling!
  5. You’ll have access to purchase a £50 sample kit contains books worth approximately £200 RRP! – you don’t have to purchase this kit but it may help for pysical parties – there are terms and conditions associated with this kit so make sure you read any small print carefully.
Some of the important terms include:
  • If you make sales of £100 in your first 12 weeks your £15 joining fee will be refunded.
  • After 12 weeks, you will be charged a web support fee of £25 for the year which covers your website, web hosting, 6-8 weekly offer changeover, marketing assets and support but if you hit sales of £200 through your shop in the first 12 weeks, not only will your £15 joining fee be refunded, but you’ll also receive your web support fee of £25 free.
  • If you’re selling books online only, a minimum of £100 worth of orders is required every 6 months in order to remain in the programme.
  • If you’re selling books physically, a minimum of £300 worth of orders is required every 6 months to remain in the programme.
  • Every champion must do at least one Book Party that benefits a school every 6 months – digitally or physically.
Benefits of becoming a Book Champion:
  • New party offers are released every 6 weeks.
  • You will earn commission rates of 20%
  • You can earn for yourself and support your local school at the same time, they will receive 10% of the total order value in free books.
  • You can work flexibly around your family and other work commitments
  • You will be able to sell the latest and best children’s books
  • Has low start-up costs of only £15
  • There is mentoring support available on request
There are a number of ways you can sell books including:
  1. Online only – by sharing your unique webshop.  This is the easiest way to sell books and where the majority of book champions start. You’ll earn 20% commission on all orders.
  2. Online via a Facebook Party shared on someone else’s social media accounts – the host creates an event to share with their network of friends again you will earn 20% commission on all orders but your host also earns 10% in free books.
  3. Physically selling at a party at someone’s house – anyone who attends can purchase directly online via a unique web link, or you can collate orders on an order form to place at a later date. Books will be delivered to you or to the host to distribute. You earn 20% commission on all orders and your host earns 10% in free books.
  4. Working with a school or nursery – by getting the school to share your unique web link with their parents, any orders placed earn you 20% commission and your school or nursery earns 10% in free books. Books are delivered to you to distribute on behalf of the school.
  5. Selling at a school or nursery event – by negotiating a pitch fee or cut of the sales with the school directly. Stock can be purchased via your webshop earning you 20% commission and then any further income on the price you set for the stock.
  6. Have a team – once you’ve been a Book Champion a while you can enlist the help from your friends and family who may want to sell books for themselves too. There isn’t a  limit to how big or small your team can be, but once you start adding new members to your team, you’ll become eligible to earn a Team Bonus of 5% on the sales of your team if team targets are met. The Team Bonus payable to you is triggered when both you and your team members reach sales of £100 per offer.

Debby, Book Champion since May 2017 says  “I love being a Scholastic Book Champion! It enables me to earn extra money around my part-time job and having 3 small children while giving my children new books for free and meeting lovely customers and offering them brilliant books at fabulous discounts.

You could join today, sell today and be earning in time for Christmas. If you have any questions at all about Scholastic Book Parties, please get in touch with who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.


*This is a collaborative post*

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