Getting Crafty This Easter With Baker Ross

The boys broke up for their holidays only a few days ago. But Easter time at school means one thing crafts, crafts and more crafts. The boys always come home with lovely homemade cards and they always come home with the task of making an Easter Bonnet. Now if you know me well you will know that I really am the least crafty person on the planet. Don’t get me wrong I love doing these type of things with the boys but I really am no good at them. Luckily for me Baker Ross recently recruited us as reviewers for their brilliant products and sent us a lovely box full of Easter products to get stuck into. Baker Ross is the perfect company for us “rubbish at crafts parents”.

Within our box of crafty bits we were sent two sets that were perfect for making Easter bonnets. Now to me making an Easter bonnet is the least manly thing in the world and for the last few years we have struggled to buy things that weren’t girlie like and also without them costing a small fortune. Baker Ross sent us a Foam Easter Crown Kit ( £2.99 for a set of 2) and a set of  Concertina Top Hats (£3.49 for a pack of 4). 

 Both hats were extremely easy to create and anyone could make them (perfect for me then). The foam crowns came with everything we needed and they were very easy to create as all the pieces were sticky and once they were stuck in place they were not moving for anything or anyone. The Concertina hats are a brilliant idea for older children as they come plain and they can decorate them anyway they like. Nathan decided to colour his in using felt tip pens and then he used some of the other bits and pieces we were sent to decorate the top of his hat. He used some of the Easter sprinkles (£2.99 a pack) around the hats edge. These were very easy to glue on and again they stuck well to the card surface. On top of his hat Nathan added some Easter grass (£1.75 for 56g) and some birds nests (£3.59 for a pack of 15) – he glued some little chicks that we had left over from last years creations into the nests. The nests and grass both stuck well to the top of the hat too, I was surprised at this because there was a lot of things stuck on top of the other.

Over all I was extremely pleased with the quality of these products. Normally the boys would bring home half a hat with bits missing as nothing stuck properly but this year both hats came home in exactly the same condition they went to school in. I would highly recommend Baker Ross products to all my parenting friends and have even mentioned them to the boys teachers as they are always looking out for new craft ideas that they can use in their classes.

We were also sent an Easter Gift Bag Set. The boys have made these and have added Easter treats for each other inside them. The sets are priced at £3.49 and you get 4 bags in each set. Again these come with everything you need to create them so there is no need to buy extra things to decorate them with. We have plans to create some Easter candles with the boys friends this weekend after our Easter Egg Hunt. Each box is priced at £19.99 and comes with 30 plain egg shaped candles and 5 wax pens. These will be the perfect activity to keep our guests quiet after all the excitement of finding their eggs. 

We can’t wait for the weekend to arrive and we can’t wait for our next delivery of crafty bits – who knows this mum may just turn into one of those amazingly gifted crafty mums who is great at everything she puts her mind to (with a little help from Baker Ross of course).

*I did not receive a financial payment for writing this review. However, I was sent some of the mentioned  products for the purpose of this post, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this piece are my own*

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