The Best Retweet … EVER!!!

If you’re a child of the 80’s / 90’s I bet you’ve seen Cool Runnings – if not then where have you been it is one of the best films ever and the soundtracks pretty decent too. If you’ve not seen it then watch it, if you’ve seen it then why not watch it again. 

A couple of weeks ago Matthew and I decided we’d watch Cool Runnings as there was nothing on TV – daytime TV really is boring sometimes, so set the scene – the kids were at school, Matt had the day off from work and as we’d recorded it on the Sky box over Christmas we decided we’d sit down and watch the film uninterrupted so that we could enjoy it better.  We made a brew and grabbed some biccies, put out feet up and then we laughed and recited almost the whole of the film word for word and then laughed some more over our really rubbish Jamaican accents. 

Whilst watching the film I tweeted that we were watching it again. I said how awesome it was and that it was one of those films that never grew old. I thought very little of it as no one had responded until a few days later when I noticed that THE (yes the) Jamaican Bobsled Team had liked and retweeted my tweet. Now I was a little sceptical that it has just been picked up by some twitter troll and retweeted but nooooo it was actually by the official account (they have the little blue tick don’tcha know) I wasn’t even aware that Jamaica still had a team (they do by the way) or else I would have mentioned them in my tweet at the start.


But seriously how cool is that – maybe not to anyone else but to me it was AWESOME. I’ve never been tweeted by anyone famous but this is just as good I reckon and it had me smiling all day long. 

So anyway that was the one thing that made me smile this week what was yours?

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