Artzooka Clingzooka Robots

The boys have been really busy with creative activities over the last week, one of the activities that the boys were busy with was the Clingzooka Robots. 
The pack includes everything you need for your pictures, there are:
  • 6 base models
  • 6 backgrounds
  • 6 sheets of static cling stickers

Here is callum making his pictures, as you can see he is concentrating hard on sticking the stickers in the right places.

Here are his finished pictures, they took him about 10 minutes each if that, this activity is great if your children don’t have a great attention span and bore easily, plus you can just flip the book shut and carry on where you left off at a later date.

The set retails around £8 from retailers such as Amazon. The set isn’t huge and would make a great stocking filler.
Callum loved this as it meant he could make lots of crazy looking pictures. I loved it because it meant virtually no mess and the stickers only stuck to the sheets inside the set and nowhere else. 

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