Five Things You Can Do To Ensure You Don’t Lose Your Dog

One of the worst things that can happen to a dog owner is losing their furry friend. My heart aches every other time I see one of those “lost dog” signs in notice boards or social media posts by people trying to find a lost dog. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to lose a dog after years of bonding and sharing special moments.

Many compare losing a dog to losing a child, and I know exactly why – dogs are like a member of the family. Luckily, there are various measures you can take to avoid losing your dog or to make it easy to find him when he’s lost. They include:

1. Microchip Your Dog

Thanks to modern technology, we now have microchips that have helped thousands of dog owners find their lost dogs. A microchip is a tiny transmitting device that is implanted under your dog’s skin and stays there for the rest of his/her life.

The process of having a microchip implanted under your dog’s skin is completely pain-free and your dog will never know or feel that it’s there. A microchip is only about the size of a rice grain and it contains the dog’s name, the owner’s name and contact information, and the owner’s primary vet information.

If your dog ends up lost with no physical identity information, a vet or shelter can find the microchip and use the information on it to find you.

2. Secure Your Home and Yard

One of the common ways dogs get lost is when they find a way to escape their yard. Many cases have been reported where people have found a dog wandering aimlessly in their neighbourhood and mistook them for strays, when in fact they are just pets that got out of their home.

If you’re going to let your dog in your yard, make sure that you have checked your property lines to ensure there are no escape points or loose panels that the dog can fit through. Depending on the size of the dog, you should have a proper fence installed that they can’t jump or climb over.

Some dogs will still try to dig under the fence to get to the other side so you should line the bottom of your fence with rocks or chicken wire.

3. Use a Dog Tracker

As an alternative to the microchip, we also have dog trackers that you can buy so that you always know the exact location of your pet at all times.

The trackers are usually worn around the neck and transmit the location of the dog to you. You should always ensure that your dog has a tracker on him especially when you are going out or when you don’t have a leash on his neck.

4. Pay Attention to Your Dog

The vital act of paying attention to your furry friend is the simplest way to prevent a dog from getting lost. Whenever you take your dog out, you need to pay attention to them as well as their surroundings, particularly in unfamiliar locations.

There are many dangers out there that may lead to accidents, your dog running off, or dropped leashes. You should never leave your dog tied to parking meters, bike racks, or fences even if you just need to get something in a store for a minute.

Your dog could get stolen or slip out of the collar. Always keep your dog in sight the same way you keep a toddler in sight.

5. Teach Your Dog to Obey “come” and “stay” Commands

Two vital commands you need to teach your dog are “come” and “stay”. If your dog always follows these commands, the chances of him getting lost are reduced significantly.

Whether you are taking the dog for a walk, going for a drive, or spending time at the park, it’s easy for your dog to take off when they see something exciting. If your dog recognizes you as their leader and knows these commands, you can just call them back to you before they get too far. Sometimes these commands can even save your pet’s life.

For instance, you can use the commands to stop your dog from running into a busy street. It is vital to teach your dog these and more commands as soon as possible.

*This is a collaborative post*

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