Five simple ways to save some money this Autumn

As a family, we’re always looking for ways to save a little extra money here and there, but it’s not always easy. Especially when the summer holidays consist of plenty of days out, plenty of ice cream and lots of well deserved treats! But now that the summer break is drawing to a close, it’s a good time to take a good look at your finances and see where you could save a little.

Maybe you want to save something for a rainy day, you’re hoping to get onto the property ladder or maybe you’re already thinking about how you’re going to finance Christmas (it’s closer than you think!) whatever your reason for saving, it’s something we should all try to do. Thankfully, saving is a lot easier than you might think with everything from investment pieces to ISAs – check out this site for more information about individual savings accounts – to help you along the way. But what else could you be doing to help boost your savings? Read on for 5 simple ways to save some money this Autumn.

Try saving automatically

Having to physically transfer some money into a savings account usually means that we’ll forget to do it, or we convince ourselves that, we’ll do it next month instead. So, instead of neglecting your savings account month after month, why not have your paycheck go directly into your savings account instead? That way you’ll always be saving and topping it up each month with the money you don’t spend. It’ll also encourage you to spend less as you’ll want to keep it topped up!

Avoid debt

It’s a lot easier than it sounds, right? But paying off your credit card each month – or at least keeping on top of the monthly repayments will stop your debts from spiralling out of control. Always try to spend within your limits and leave your credit card at home!

The 30 day rule

If you want to make a purchase then try to adhere to the 30 day rule. Write down how much it costs and think about whether or not you really need it. Leave it 30 days and if you still feel the same (assuming you’re not using your credit card) make the purchase.

Use cash

As mentioned above, using our cards and contactless is certainly more efficient and easier than handling cash, but it’s difficult to keep track of what you’re spending. Taking out a certain amount of money each week and using it for your little spends will ensure you stick to a budget and you’ll certainly be more conscious of what you’re spending.

Keep tabs on your spending

Keeping tabs on your spending means taking note of everything you spend. Even if you pop into the corner shop for a loaf of bread, write it down. Due to contactless technology, we’re used to simply producing our card at the checkout and not giving it a moments thought. Writing down your expenses will highlight exactly what it is that is draining your budget each month.

*This is a collaborative post*

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