Doing Our Bit To Help The Environment

There has been a lot of talk lately about everyone doing their bit to make the environment a better place. I’ve written about it in the past a few times and I’d like to think that compared to where we were a couple of years ago we as a family are doing much better. We still have a long way to go but so longs as we are making steps in the right direction it’s all good in my opinion. There are plenty of little things everyone can change that would make a huge impact including:

Buying better plastic

Where possible we no longer buy single-use plastic items. We are also hoping to start buying more loose products to save on the amount of waste we produce. For this, we will need a number of plastic containers of all different shapes and sizes so that all our loose food and household items can be stored appropriately. One place we will be sure to look at is Measom Freer as they are known for their outstanding quality products.


We have really upped our recycling game. All paper, cardboard, tins, plastic and bottles are taken once a fortnight by our binmen. We are hoping that our local council are going to look into waste food collection too. I know this has been rolled out in areas up and down the country with great results. If this doesn’t happen in our area I will be looking at ways we can do this for ourselves. One way would be to create a compost pile. This way all our food waste would then be used in a useful manner.

Growing and Making Our Own

Following on from creating our own compost pile I would love to start growing my own fruit and vegetables. It’s something both Matthew and I have spoken about as we’d both love to do it and especially to own an allotment – we just don’t have the time at the minute as we are both working full-time jobs and just so busy. But one day we will make the time and have a year-round stockpile of our very own homegrown foods.

I have also started to bake and make more foods from scratch. As easy as it is to buy a cake or a packet of biscuits from the shop recently I have been spending my spare time making my own. Not only do they taste better but it also means less plastic waste is going in the landfill from our home.

If everyone does their bit the world in which we live will be better for everyone. What are you planning to change around your home to help?

*This is a collaborative post*

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