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Coping With Your Child’s Dramatic, Busy, Hectic School Life

Sending a child to school is a big moment in a parent’s life and it can feel like such a magical journey, to begin with. As time goes on, however, responsibilities pile and it can suddenly become a lot more hectic managing their school life along with your own role. Let’s look at a few ways we can help restore order and stay on top of things.

Give yourself a head start

One habit that is going to make all the difference in the world is waking up an hour earlier than your kids. It’s not always easy, but if you have the time to sort out breakfast, have some time to yourself, and get everything ready to move, then you have more time with your children in the morning. It’s a lot less of a rush trying to help them get ready and ensuring they haven’t forgotten anything. Otherwise, many parents deal with the double effort of getting ready themselves alongside their kids. That early morning stress is going to be felt by the whole family and it’s simply not a good idea to start a day with a head full of tension like that.

Help them stay organised

You can help your kids become a lot more self-sufficient and help them better plan their own time and resources, too. For one, think about how they use their time. A daily planner, much like the school diaries many kids get in secondary school, will help them better remember the homework they get and what they might need to talk to you about for upcoming trips and the like. Labels for school that help them personalise their uniform, their pencil case, and other possessions will help them keep track of everything they own and need, as well. If you can help them become more organised by themselves, it makes it a lot easier for you to organise the whole family.

Keep daily routine

A big part of that organisation is how the school day fits into the routine. Not only does this include waking up at a set time in the morning naturally so you can get ready more easily. Not only does it include the school day itself and the following homework. It should also include activities that help them stay busy outside of school and help them unwind. So, too, should you think about a bath, book, and bed routine at night can help them sleep more easily and be more refreshed for the next day. It might seem a little overly structured, but the truth is that a routine makes everything much more manageable. As the kids learn it, they anticipate and prepare for it.

As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your life doesn’t infringe on their ability to enjoy and excel in school without added stress or pressure. You might be feeling the strain yourself, but if you can protect your child from that strain, you improve their chances of success. The tips above can make that effort a little less self-sacrificial.


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