Alternative Easter Gifts

In less than a week my three will be up to their knees in chocolate eggs. They get an egg from us plus one each from both my mum and dad, one from Matt’s parents, and at least one each from their aunties and uncles, but they also get a few non chocolate gifts ranging from toy cars. new books and clothes too. If you’re on the look out for alternative Easter gifts here are a few ideas.


New from Bandai this Easter are some awesome egg-shaped transformable toys. Let me introduce you to the Hatch ‘N’ Heroes. In the range, there are many Disney favourites including Big Hero 6’s Baymax, Toy Story characters Woody and Buzz, Nemo and Dory from Finding Nemo and Frozen’s Olaf. Suitable for children of all ages these cute characters are bound to go down a treat. You could even use them in an alternative Easter Egg hunt. The boys love that the toys start off as eggs but once you open them up they become the characters they love and know.


When I was small I loved Peter Rabbit and The Care Bears. I had lots of toys of each and couldn’t wait to watch the cartoons when they were on TV. I didn’t know that they had both recently made a huge comeback. Although I have heard that they are both very popular with some of the boy’s friends at school. I think that any child would love one of the many Peter Rabbit or Care Bear toys that are available this Easter from Vivid Imaginations.
There are a variety of Peter Rabbit toys available including two talking toys – Talking Peter Rabbit and Talking Lily Bobtail (£14.99 each) both toys say 7 phrases from the TV series. Benjamin Bunny is coming soon. You can catch Peter Rabbit on CBeebies.
The Care Bears are currently airing on Tiny Pop. New for 2015 and to go with their new TV show a range of toys are available including small beanies and full-size toys. Grumpy Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear and Share Bear are available in 8” collectable Beanies (RRP £7.99 each) with medium size soft and cuddly versions of them too as are Harmony Bear and Tenderheart Bear with accompanying DVD featuring different episodes of the animated series (RRP £17.99 each).


If you’d like to give someone a chocolate gift but one that isn’t egg-shaped take a look at Godiva’s range of Luxury Belgian chocolates. Their chocolate filled pencil tin is a perfect 2-in-1 Easter gift. Inside the tin, you’ll find 15 chocolate carres, made from smooth and creamy milk chocolate. When the chocolates are all gone, you can fill the tin with pencils or other small keepsakes.


If you are looking for crafts to keep your little ones busy this Easter Holidays, look no further than Home Bargains. They have everything you need to make the perfect Easter Bonnets ( a favourite Easter tradition at the boy’s school) and ‘/ or to decorate hens eggs – feathers, bunnies, chicks, paint and butterflies – all will give you plenty of things to make and do. They have everything you need if you are planning on having an Easter Egg hunt too. I love their cute carrot basket and I adore the little direction signs that can be either hung or placed so that your little egg hunters can follow a trail. They even sell little treats so you can reward your little ones for all their efforts too. I love that Home Bargains has lots of good quality items and very affordable prices. When we have activities at school it can be quite costly having to buy all the materials but with prices starting from just 49p you are sure to get what you need without breaking the bank.

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