A New Friend I Hope…

This September 1st is World Handwriting Day. To mark the occasion we were asked by Viking if we’d like to write a letter to another blogger. We were asked if we’d like a blogger from our own country or one in Europe. I chose a penpal from Europe and got to work on my letter as soon as our box of Viking stationery supplies arrived.

When I first started my letter I was unsure what to say. It has been a long time since I’d actually sat down with pen and paper to write someone (especially a stranger) a letter. When I was in primary school I had my first ever penpal. She was called Mette and live in Denmark. everyone in the class was lucky enough to be paired with a penpal and we would often write the letters in our English lessons. When I left primary school Mette and I kept in touch for a few years later. We would often write about school and the things we were up to, we lost touch somewhere in our later teenage years and I’ve always thought that it was a shame as we always sent each other such lovely letters and that we lost touch before social media became the norm – maybe I’ll have a search for her later…

I had another penpal of sorts too when my best friend moved away. I moved into the village just after she moved out and we always joke that our parents had done it on purpose. We were 11 years old when she moved to the Midlands from Yorkshire. I was devastated as it had been a really hard year for me. I always say her leaving was one of the reasons I suffer from separation anxiety and even now I am sometimes scared that those closest to me will leave. 11-year-old Cat and Lou would write to each other every other week and even now all these years later we are still the best of friends we may only see each other once or twice a year but we speak and text often and thanks to technology we can see what the other is doing via Facebook and WhatsApp. Cat and her husband are God Parents to all three boys and Matthew and I are legal guardians to her son. We may not see each other often but when needed we are there no matter what.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter and sent it off to a blogger in The Netherlands. I wrote about my family, where we live and my plans to get married in New York. I asked my penpal about her family and if she visited the UK or if she had any plans to visit anytime soon. I am still awaiting a reply but I hope it will be on its way soon, who knows how long we’ll be in contact for but I really hope that we can keep in touch.

*We were sent a box of stationery items in return for writing this blog post*

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