Need To Know Summer Driving Tips

I can’t drive at the minute but this is something that I am planning to change in the nearish future so that I can help share the travelling with Matthew. We have plans to buy a campervan in a few years and travel around both the UK and Europe. We are wanting to visit different places to fish and see local attractions and having a campervan will give us the freedom to go wherever we want whenever we want to go. I’m not sure I would want to drive something as big as a campervan but who knows by that time I might feel differently. Even if I choose not to drive I will look up the do’s and don’ts of driving whilst in a different country and I will certainly be making sure Matthew is up to scratch on them all too.

Are you planning to take the family overseas this summer? If so and you are planning to drive whilst you are abroad there are a few things you need to consider including the following:

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