WOW Toys Review

Nathan and James were sent some WOW Toys to review. WOW Toys was launched in 1997. Since then they have gone from strength to strength and are now available to buy from over 900 UK retailers and are available in over 40 other countries around the world. 

WOW Toys are designed with children aged 18 months to 5 years in mind. The toys are designed to help children gain more through play, the toys help children gain sensory skills, help them to interact with adults and help them gain fine motor skills. The boys were sent a Jurassic Jimmy Set and a George’s Dragon Tale set. Both these toys are aimed at children aged 18months to 5 years. So perfect for both Nathan and James.

WOW Toys don’t need batteries to operate so are toys that will last and ones that are extremely parent friendly. I think that because they don’t need batteries WOW Toys help children to develop their own imaginations. Nathan and James love toys that makes sounds and interact but I also noticed that they played with their WOW Toys just as much but made the car sounds themselves when pushing the car along or making a roaring noise when playing with the dragon and the dinosaurs. All wow toys are really chunky and made from good quality plastic, this is great for my boys as they can sometimes be heavy handed and break toys not long after they’ve been bought, this is something I always look for when buying my boys toys to ensure that they get the most from them.

The Jurassic Jimmy play set is priced at £15 – £20 depending on the retailer where you purchase the toy. The set is made up of  7 pieces. This comprises a Motorised truck with trailer (this has a magnetic hook), a dinosaur egg, a caveman figure and two dinosaurs. James loves this play set and loves pushing the car along and making car noises, he makes funny noises when he is playing with the dinosaurs too, I think in his own way he is making them talk to each other as all I can understand from him is a roar and a giggle. Nathan makes the caveman talk to the dinosaurs too. He also makes the caveman have races with his other toy cars.

The boys also love playing with their George’s Dragon Tale play set. The set comprises 4 pieces, a chariot, a boulder, a knight and a dragon. The set is priced at £7.99 and available to buy from many shops and online retailers.  James has been using both play sets together. He makes the dragon “roar” and calls it a dinosaur. Nathan loves to make the dragon “attack” the dinosaurs and he loves to make the catapult throw the ball at the dino egg. 

We give WOW Toys an amazing 5/5 rating. The toys are great value for money and will be played with for years to come in our house.

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