Wild & Wolf Charlie and Lola Money Box

Recently Nathan was sent a lovely money box from Wild & Wolf. The money arrived in a beautiful box.

The money box is beautifully decorated with a picture of Charlie and Lola from the massively popular Cbeebies programme. On one side of the money box is a picture, on the other it says “If you know how to count coins you can save for the things that you like“. Nathan is a huge fan of the show, so was really happy when he saw the money box.

The money box is ceramic so we have stored it up high on a shelf so it wont be dropped or broken. Nathan loves nothing more than asking for pennies to put in his box. It is priced around £8 – 10 depending where you buy it from.
The money box would make a lovely gift for any Charlie and Lola fan, and with Christmas not far away it would be a perfect gift idea, I doubt any child would be disappointed to receive this.  If looked after properly the money box will last for years. We give the money box a rating of 5/5. It is beautifully decorated and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for.

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