Will We Ever Get Our Happy Ever After….

Matthew and I have been together 8 years in February. Time seems to have flown by and in this time we have been very busy what with adding two additional members to our family – 3 if you include the dog too. We have moved to be nearer family and for better job prospects for Matthew as where we used to live was a holiday town and most work was seasonal.

Last year we kind of agreed that we should make our engagement official – we had talked about when we get married – you know the conversations they start off as a “well if we get married I want…” they then turn to “well when WE get married I want…” so he turned to me one day and said I best get you a ring hadn’t I if your going to marry me. Yes that was my proposal. However I probably waited a year and a half or so for my ring. One thing always got in the way of going to get one.

However the road ahead has never been straight forward for us and only 6 weeks later I lost my engagement ring, it didn’t go down too well as you can probably imagine. So we saved up and I was bought a replacement, and was under strict instructions to take better care of it.

We thought this was the end of our wedding woes but oh no it wasn’t there was something worse to happen to me. One of my closest friends offered to buy my dress as our present as a shop we had both seen had a sale on. However there was no shop and we were scammed both out of my dress and her money. Luckily we hadn’t sent much money to the so called shop, but that isn’t the point you pay for your wedding dress you expect it to arrive. One little bit of comfort was that I wasn’t the only one scammed and the lowlife who did it appeared in court earlier this year and was sent to prison for her crimes.

Our luck has certainly changed this year (and they say that 13 is unlucky – I would beg to differ) firstly I won a wedding dress in February. I could choose whatever style I wanted and I now have my dream dress sat at my inlaws house waiting for my big day. I also found my original lost engagement ring. I don’t know how it got there but it was found in one of Matthew’s work bags. The last time he had used it was over a year ago.

So now that our luck is changing, we have finally decided that we should turn our attentions to actually planning our wedding. We are hoping to get married either Summer 2014 /2015 – I suppose it just depends on how smoothly the planning process goes. I am looking forward to blogging about our journey to finally getting our happily ever after.

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