Who Knew That Choosing Taps Could Be So Much Fun

I recently mentioned our plans to extend our home in the next few years. One of the rooms I mentioned was my kitchen. At the minute the plan is to change the large living room / small kitchen to a smaller living room and a larger kitchen/diner. I just wish we could start it soon. As we will be changing the layout of the kitchen we will be having a lovely new kitchen fitted that will include more cupboards and an island worktop. Everything will be changed including the appliances and all of the fixture and fittings.

Along with the lights and the plug sockets, we will be changing our existing sink and kitchen taps. It wasn’t until I started looking in a local DIY store that I realised just how many different varieties of tap there actually are – I can now see why it takes my dad a year and a day to decide on things he is fixing/replacing in his house.

When it came to looking online I realised that there were, even more, choices of taps available. I can see that when it comes to actually putting pen to paper and deciding on final items that we want, it will be a right task but one that I am quite looking forward to – I think it’s because I will be able to put my own little personal touches to a room where I love to get creative and feel at home. One website I have been looking at recently is SuperBath. They have so many lovely items that they will be my first port of call when I come to upgrading my bathroom and adding my new en suite.

One of the brands I came across on the SuperBath website was Grohe. They are one of the best-known brands for kitchen and bathroom taps. Below are some of the style of taps I will be considering when the time comes to upgrading my kitchen.


The four taps I like all vary in price but if I’m honest I wouldn’t be able to tell you without looking which one was the most expensive as they all look very stylish and look like high-quality products.

I really like the idea of a tap with a spout that can be pulled out – I can’t wait for the days when it means an easier way to rinse off fruit and vegetables before eating them and I am so looking forward to being able to fit our dinner plates under the tap to rinse them off before placing them in the dishwasher instead of having the fight we currently do. If you saw the size of our plates you would see why I say fight. One tip totally off topic when choosing new plates – 1. Make sure they actually fit in your cupboards properly and 2. Make sure you can fit them in the dishwasher and under your taps for rinsing off. When we bought them we didn’t realise that although they’re not much bigger than a standard dinner plate it makes a huge difference to this kind of things.

I am a huge fan of mixer taps too over individual hot and cold taps. Personally, I think they look much nicer and I that it’s easier when washing my hands (or the boys) that I can add an even amount of both hot and cold water.

Who knew there was so much to consider when choosing new taps!

*This is a collaborative post*

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