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What Type of Driver Are You?

The RAC has been looking after the needs of its 8 million members and championing the interests of drivers since it was first formed in 1897. This includes voicing concerns about the increasing cost of motoring, particularly the price of fuel and the high level of tax levied on it, advancing levels of road safety, and supporting the needs of all drivers, from young to old.

They recently published this a quiz that is designed to find out what type of driver those who take part are. Users simply answer a number of multiple choice questions and depending on the answers given it will determine the type of driver you are at the end of the quiz.

At the minute I don’t drive, I had lessons, passed my theory and took two practical tests when I was younger – I realise now I should’ve carried on but at the time I had a defeatist attitude and gave up. I took the test to see what type of driver it said I’d be and I’m pleased to say that I would be an Everyday Hero – a real champion of the roadside: a modern-day white knight, saving the day for the broken-down and stranded.

Matthew hasn’t taken the test yet and without knowing his result I already know what type of driver he is. He has been driving for 11 years and is a reasonably good driver. He’s also a thoughtful one too as he’s helped other motorists when they’ve found themselves in trouble. Not so long ago he helped a lady whose battery had died, luckily we had jump leads in the car and was able to get her car started again. She was ever so grateful but as he said it’s the least he could do and would want someone to stop to help him should he ever need it.  The time before that he helped an older man change his flat tyre in a supermarket carpark. Although he couldn’t manage to get the wheel off (no matter how much he tried it wouldn’t budge) he let the man use his phone to ring his breakdown service and waited until they were on site in case they rang back or the man needed further help.

Take the fun quiz now to determine what type of driver you are. Will you be:

  • An Everyday Hero – You’re the real champion of the roadside: a modern-day white knight, saving the day for the broken-down and stranded. If only there were more drivers like you.
  • A Reserved Rescuer – In an emergency, you’ll step into some hero boots – but you’d rather stay safely behind the wheel. After all, you do have a life to lead.
  • A Drive-on byer – You cruise down the road and don’t care for interruptions. You’d rather drive on by than help road users in dire straits. In your car, time behind the wheel is about looking after Number One.

Brought to you by RAC


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