What My Bedroom Is #NotCompleteWithout

We are currently planning a whole house renovation – it is going to take us years to get the house how we want as it involves tearing down walls, rebuilding walls and extending our home to include an extra bedroom, garage and utility room. But this means that I get a new bedroom and I am so excited about it. Although this is at least 5 years away (but I’m hoping it will be sooner) from being ready it still doesn’t stop me dreaming about the things I want it to have and the things it will definitely have – Afterall this is going to be my special place to relax so it has to be exactly what I want. 

There are so many things I want and so many things that need to be considered but here are a few of the finishing touches that I will be making sure my little space includes:

A New Bed – complete with new duvet, pillows and covers. I can’t even remember when we last had a new bed – it was between Nathan and James arriving so it is definitely time we upgraded. I can’t wait to replace our wooden slatted base for a Divan and our spring mattress and memory foam topper for a very comfy memory foam mattress. It would be rude not to indulge in new pillows, a duvet and duvet cover at the same time too. Although we’ve never been we love New York and are planning to get married there in a couple of years time I’d love to incorporate this into my new room and will definitely consider a feature picture on one of the walls and a bedspread with something that relate to New York. We are huge fans of the black, white and grey 

Curtains – No room is complete without curtains or blinds. I’m hoping that in my new bedroom I am able to find some curtains that will match my new bedding or at the very least compliment it. I am a huge fan or natural colours but love grey as a feature colour (my living room is charcoal and cream) so this will definitely be a colour scheme I look to use. Julian Charles has so many beautiful items to choose from but I love their Dante Charcoal Curtains. I think they would be a perfect finishing touch to my bedroom especially with the matching cushions and throw. 

A Bookcase – Everyone who knows me knows I love to read. So my room must include a bookcase – even if it’s just a small one I want somewhere I can leave my books. Either that or a couple of shelves would be lovely.

A Dressing Table – This is something I have dreamed about owning since being a little girl. I want somewhere for all my makeup and jewellery to live. I’m not one for spending hours getting ready but I would love to be able to sit somewhere and spend as much time as I want making myself look pretty. 

A Rocking Chair – As mentioned already I love to read and would love a comfy chair where I can waste a couple of hours sat just lost in a book. Ideally, this would be under  a window overlooking my beautiful garden (this is also somewhere I need to renovate and make pretty).

Last but not least my room will not be complete without a few pictures of the boys and some soft comfy cushions that I can either snuggle into whilst I’m reading on of my many books in my chair or on my bed. Reading is a huge passion of mine and is something that helps me relax and forget any worries I may have. It is so important to me that I have a room where I am able to lose myself even if it’s just for a short while.

What finishing touches have you added to make a room your own? Which ones would your room be not complete without?

*This is a collaborative post*

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