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Ways To Help Make Moving Home Less Stressful

Moving home is stressful – there is no way around this. Packing, unpacking, looking after the family throughout the process and the aftermath all adds to the pressure but there are ways you can reduce the amount of stress caused by moving home including:

Have a clearout

We live in a house full of things we never use I will admit and a clearout is way overdue here and I will get around to it soon. But if we were moving in the near future (I mentioned it a little while ago about a possible move back to the coast) then we would definitely have a clearout before the big day. I’d have four piles keep, sell, charity shop and throw. Anything that we no longer needed or used would be sorted and any extra money we made from selling unused items would be used for moving or decorating our new home.

Do it over time

If you know you are moving why not start packing the things you don’t need/use often. No one likes to live out of boxes so only pack the things you aren’t using or plan to use in the immediate future. Things you do use can be left to one side ready to pack just before the big day. Leaving all your packing until the last minute will just cause you stress and may even result in things being lost or broken in the moving process.

four cardboard boxes that are sealed up ready for moving home - each box has a different room written on the front

Ask for help

If you have friends and family you can rely on don’t be frightened to ask them for help if you’re struggling to look after the kids or pets whilst trying to pack up the entire contents of your home. As I said before it is so stressful and that’s often before moving day arrives. You are not superhuman and can’t get everything done on your own. You could ask family and friends to babysit, look after your pets so that they aren’t getting under your feet and get your partner and children to pack their own things that way you aren’t doing all the work yourself. If your children are young you could make a game up for them so that packing their toys and books away is a fun task.

Hire a company

Sometimes it is just easier to hire a company who will do everything for you. They will deal with all those issues that cause you stress. You could hire a moving company who will pack, move and store and then unpack all your belongings if you need them to. They will do as much or as little of the moving process as you need them to do leaving you stressfree and able to focus on the important things.

Are you planning on moving house soon?

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